About Me and Them

I’m from San Diego, CA where I lived most of my life.  I was raised there by my wonderful parents who now reside 10 minutes away from us here in beautiful North Carolina. 

I'm a slothful blogger as of late but when I'm on I'm on.  Unfortunately I've not been so "on" lately.  I blog when I can and sometimes surprise you with a few in a row.  I'm consistently unreliable when it comes to blogging lately but know the desire is still there so don't lose hope in my just yet!

I'm a single mom so of course I work full-time and on my two days off I beg my children (without result) to clean the house while I work on my 3 Etsy shops.  I have 6 pidglets, 1 escaped out west and married but 5 of them still have to come home to me every day.

My true love is writing and hope, one day, to publish at least one of the handfuls of books that I’ve written.  I blog to write and keep a journal of sorts for my posterity so that they might one day feel sorry for me, get a great job and take care of me.
Oh, the sacrifices I make.  (giggle) 

I love to create.  I enjoy seeing the product of what your own imaginings can produce and am easily entertained at how I can jack something up awful bad as well.  I’m the queen of improvising and adjust well to change even though I’m not a fan of it.  I’m a maker of lists, a lover of music and a dreamer of simplicity.  I’m a contradiction allowing me to understand opposing sides.  I’m in the middle of finding me again so we’ll find out together what turns up.

In the end, I believe, it’s not about where you are.  It’s about trudging back up the hill you just slid down.  Let’s put it this way, I’m covered in grass stains but my eye is on the sun.

Thanks for stopping by,


The Pidglets

Bailey (Bai)

The Radiance:  She is the ray of warmth open arms, soft hands to wipe tears; a graceful voice of comfort.  Encouraging words, delivering support she is the right hand; the guardian to the throne.

McKenna (Moi  pronounced Moy)
The Healer: She sits quietly behind the scenes waiting to take her place.  She aids the tired bringing calm to the shaken soul.  Always there to pick up the pieces and stow them carefully in a small box of burden she keeps for all of us.

Hanna (Lil Red)

The Fire: She heats our cold spirits and lights our candles that diminish from strong winds of madness.  Her brightness illuminates our path and upon trudging towards a new journey, she always packs additional kindling.  Without her warmth, a cold winter we would bear.

Breelyn (Busy)

The Humor:  She fills our world with loud laughter and streams of smile.  Where there is ache, she crafts delight.  Loving giggles and mischief as a science, she quakes our world with vibrant color and whimsical spice.

Ethan (Lil “E”)

The Playful:  He stands close to all, watching, waiting for his opportunity to pounce.  With silly fits and tickling words, surprise attacks of love and thoughtful expressions, he reminds us it never remains dark.

Logan (Lil Man)

The Innocent:  He is a miracle of his own determination.  He brightens our trail with sweetness and iridescence cleansing our wounds he washes clean our worries setting free our troubles.

My children… the astounding reminder that Heaven exists… the glow of my hazel eyes and my reason to breathe.

They are the one BEAUTIFUL nature I have given back to the world.