Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Thought I'd say hey...

Okay, so what I'm actually doing here is trying to see if my fingers still recognize the keys.  Do the thoughts still pour from my twisted lil mind like the leak from a plastic pool?  Not sure.  What I do know is I woke up this morning from a broken night of sleep to a deep, gnawing, desire to begin writing again.  I'm back to update my 2.7 readers a lil on our life, our time and our daily antics.

Good stuff, bad stuff....just stuff in general.  Now with that lead in, who the heck wouldn't want to read further? (Insert derp look here)

All I know is, in the mess of what life deals out...I am still happy.

So in a quick overview here's where Pidg and her pidglets are at.  Third person makes me sound super classy and important...of that I'm sure.  Okay, maybe not...awkward and strange perhaps. Maybe not so much has changed after all. wink

So in all of the glory that is our life we will start with some triumphs.

Lil Red graduated!  Hala-freakin-loo-la! ..as Lil Man would say.  Holy cow, I thought this particular senior year lasted about 47 months.  But she did it.  And now she is free from that "hole" as she calls it ready to see what life has in store.  So far, I am sad to tell you, she is terribly disappointed; as we all are the moment we realize adulthood is a trap.

She and Kyle just celebrated their 6 month anniversary and bless that boy who is still trying to adapt to this motley crew that is our family - not to be mistaken with the metal band, we have better hair.

Then there is Moi and Marcus...oh they're just gonna be parents...WOO-FREAKIN-HOO!  Did you hear that? I'm gonna be a real live Grandma in December.  I imagine that anyone who knows me realizes there just aren't words for the excitement I am feeling.  They are just gonna produce the most beautiful and yummy baby it's not even funny.  We find out what it is on August 1st...oh the anticipation of what colors to start crocheting is killing me! Of course Mr. Police-Man-Guy loves to hand over the handcuffs to Lil Man every time they come over and Lil Man then decides to attach himself to anything and everyone he can find.  Sometimes Marcus has to step in to avoid a simple assault charge falling on one of my pidglets. wink  Oh and they just moved into a new place 2 minutes away from us!  I'm such a freak-show, but it's awesome!

So, the boys and Busy...well the pics give you the best explanation of how we're doing.

And then of course there is... Bai and I have decided to be mermaids; an obvious choice really.

My life is good.  Our lives our growing...there is a lot to be said and worked through but all in all, today; I'm just thankful for the winds that keep us together.

As far as my accomplishments, I shaved my legs today...didn't even have to be told by my pidglets. It's all about goals right? Deeper thoughts possibly to come, but let's be honest, I have no reason to rush when the current is nice and cool.

Enjoy your Tuesday, here's to hoping we survive the rest of the week.