Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Blood sugar battles...

Sunday night Busy's blood sugar began to drop.  We treated it and it dropped again.  This went on for a few hours.  Of course the hours we were ready to go to bed, needless to say, it became a very late night for the two of us.  Monday morning she woke up low and continued the process.  Obviously her body is fighting off some sort of sickness when her blood sugar decides to do crazy things like this but it stresses me out to no end when she goes low.

So, I did go into work and had her stay home, texting her every half hour to an hour to make her check it and report back to me.  I almost went home early until I remembered I had a snickers bar hidden in my room.  I told her to eat half of that without insulin which is ludicrous when you're the parent of a Type 1 Diabetic, but it got her blood sugar up enough to buy me some time to finish off what I was doing at work and leave right on time.  

When she fluctuates like that she feels pretty punky; headache, belly ache, sweats then cold, pale then flushed - the works.

After all of that worrying and calculating I walked out of the boys room where we had been watching a movie to find this:

I made her go outside to get a good picture of her look and she grabs her "wand" and yells,"Expecto Patronum!"  

She's better now.

Then Lil Man came home from school and when left to our own devices...

Ethan says he's Malfoy.... of course, because Malfoy always does that face.

Oh Harry Potter, you do wonderful things for the soul.

Stressful times, countermeasures, easily distracted and fantastically entertained by the slightest of things.

Life is good.

Happy week


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