Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Blood sugar battles...

Sunday night Busy's blood sugar began to drop.  We treated it and it dropped again.  This went on for a few hours.  Of course the hours we were ready to go to bed, needless to say, it became a very late night for the two of us.  Monday morning she woke up low and continued the process.  Obviously her body is fighting off some sort of sickness when her blood sugar decides to do crazy things like this but it stresses me out to no end when she goes low.

So, I did go into work and had her stay home, texting her every half hour to an hour to make her check it and report back to me.  I almost went home early until I remembered I had a snickers bar hidden in my room.  I told her to eat half of that without insulin which is ludicrous when you're the parent of a Type 1 Diabetic, but it got her blood sugar up enough to buy me some time to finish off what I was doing at work and leave right on time.  

When she fluctuates like that she feels pretty punky; headache, belly ache, sweats then cold, pale then flushed - the works.

After all of that worrying and calculating I walked out of the boys room where we had been watching a movie to find this:

I made her go outside to get a good picture of her look and she grabs her "wand" and yells,"Expecto Patronum!"  

She's better now.

Then Lil Man came home from school and when left to our own devices...

Ethan says he's Malfoy.... of course, because Malfoy always does that face.

Oh Harry Potter, you do wonderful things for the soul.

Stressful times, countermeasures, easily distracted and fantastically entertained by the slightest of things.

Life is good.

Happy week


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Probably not worth reading...

So, I'm tired.  Translation? Perfect time to blog. When all is off-centered and looked upon with a pessimistic view because why? Oh, I'm tired.


I have nothing to say.  At least that's consistent.  Somehow as I sit with pen upon paper or fingers to keys... whateves... I get this strange inkling that something will come into my brain.  Something profound, something worth sharing, something... yah, I got nothin.

I was flipping through pics of my beautiful pidlets then my beautiful pidglets made their daily after school appearance and I was suddenly like... "Holy cow, those are mine." I know, I refer to this often but still, it never ceases to amaze me.  Just so you know I completely (sadly) tried to type ceases with an "s" and amaze with an ie.  I think I'm feeling spunky... or tired.

On a good note, I did get two days off in a row.  Weird right?

I don't believe in gloating.

That might have been a lie.

So, what have I been up to? Work, crochet, clean house, cook food... wash, rinse, repeat. I love my life.  I do.  Especially the rinse part, or maybe the repeat.

Moi and I have decided to put our heads together and be rich.  We're pretty excited about the idea really.  I'll let you know what we land on.

Lil Red is thinking about dying her red locks brown.  While I think it will be absolutely gorgeous I really don't know what to call her once she makes the leap.  Lil Brown just sounds like a turd.  Maybe I'll just talk her out of it.

Just look at that child will you?  Is she not just phenomenally beautiful?  I mean, I would love to say she gets her looks from her mother but she did not.  Okay, back up.  She stole them.  I used to be one fantastically beautiful girl (true story) then I had children distributing my amazing good looks to my pidglets, evenly of course, and now... I am but an awkward shell of what once was beauty who is now a raisin in the merciless sun who is addicted to run-on sentences.  Huh?  Oh, yah, I'm done.  Actually I've always just been the tomboy next door who generally has wild hair and cilantro in her teeth.  My pidglets?  Some people just hit the genetic jack-pot.  snicker.

Lil Man had a bike accident at Mr. B's house to which his most perfect and precious face was marred. He's healed now and perfectly him and I am left to wonder at the amazing abilities of skin.  Strangely, I do ponder that often seeing as how I'm always, burning, cutting, bruising and breaking myself constantly and get giddy over how fast I can heal to start the process all over again.  Repeat...

My health is on the back burner as of late.  Ha. As if I ever moved it to the front. Some days are better than others but I fake it fantastically at work so I'm feeling pretty good about myself.  Working with the people I'm privileged to work with heals me or possibly justifies my odd behavior but either way I'm having fun.

Po took a new position, then didn't take it. Then did - then stayed where he's at.  And I thought I was indecisive. Poor guy, evidently I'm wearing off on his mental state.

Bailey's shop is taking off and it's just so cool what they've done with bleach, clothing and a lil yarn. Maybe one day when I grow up I can do something like that.  Oh wait, I'll be rich soon.  I forgot.

Red Bull in Our Coffee  Visit their shop... It's awesome!

In other news... there is a spider and it's prey on my porch.  Their size together equals my thumb; hence the capacity of spider has been met and most likely I will die by morning due to the spider dreams that will surely haunt me.  I'm not getting over this one.

Po's response was, "Where is the spray?"
"Umm... at Walmart Po."  He is, and has been for months, aware that we are out of "death" spray.

Incidentally, I drowned my fears and sorrows in one heck of a homemade breakfast burrito made by me that has now possibly saved my life.

Here's to hoping I dream about veggie stuffed breakfast burritos instead.

Lesson for the day:

The above mentioned is my "first world prob".  Trying to guide, one sarcastic comment at a time.  The woes.

Oddly enough I'm not tired anymore.  It's a good thing too, since there are others that might need my harassing and haranguing.  Have a wondermous rest of the week.  I think I might try it too. wink.

Over and out,