Thursday, August 28, 2014

Here's where we're at...

So here's where we're at. Actually, this is just going to be a random (as usual) post. I'm not really telling you where we're at, updating you on important events or telling you future plans. Really, I probably shouldn't be posting at all seeing as how I don't even know what I'm about to blog about.  Ha.

Well, here's one I think needs to be shared just for kicks.  Ethan decided to make an underground Hobbit Hole on Minecraft with Lil Man.  So Lil Man makes the entrance somewhat round considering everything in the game is made of squares and E and myself were a bit impressed.  Then time goes by and Ethan looks to his brother's side of the screen and the conversation is as follows:

Ethan: Logan, you can't make the hallway and rooms square it's a Hobbit hole.
Lil Man:  It doesn't matter no one will notice.
Ethan: YES! They will, it's a Hobbit hole.  Everyone knows they're supposed to be round!
(Now repeat almost the exact same words mentioned above in various order approximately 22.6 times then..)

Ethan:  Mama, please explain to him a Hobbit hole has to be round.
Me: (giggling) Lil Man, Dude, it has to be round or it's just a regular house.
Lil Man: (plainly and in a matter-of-fact tone) It's fine. No one will notice...
Me: (sigh) Dude, it's like building an underwater world and forgetting to put water in it.
Lil Man:  (cricket... cricket...)
Me:  Lil Man, it's like building a zoo and not putting animals in it but still saying, it's a zoo no one will notice.

Finally I get a smirk out of him and he turns around slowly.  "No one will care..."

Yes, Lil Man rules the world...And I felt the need to uncurl Ethan from the fetal position as he melted slowly to his brother's stubbornness.  Goodness I love kids, especially the evil ones.  

New story, so when I was younger I don't know if this is one of those strange family things or something my Mama learned growing up in the south, but I was raised calling flip-flops, thongs.  Yah, yah, get your giggles out.  I fell out of that habit long before the butt-floss came to be however, my Mama didn't.

Yes, I have warned her several times about that phrase but alas, she ignores the prompting.  So when Ethan and Busy were with Mama at a church tubing trip, my mother so graceful spouts out...
"Well, last year a lot of the (youth) girls lost their thongs on the rapids and I didn't want to lose mine so I decided to wear these "teeny-boppers"..."

My children, yes at that very moment showing signs of stroke, recovered a bit translating the thongs to flip-flops but yet not really understanding how teeny-boppers came to be, finally began breathing again.

However; they returned home and relayed their horrifying story to their mother, Pidg; the evil one.

Since, our conversations of late have resembled the following:

"Ethan, now that you're bigger it's nice we can share thongs."
I go into the bathroom, "Hey Mama, you forgot your thongs!"
"Has anyone seen my thongs? I need to go out and check the mail."
"I think it's neat that when you and Po were married all of the girls had matching thongs."
"Boys don't wear pink thongs, everyone knows they look better in black..."
"I've gotta sit down my thongs are killing me."
"Did you leave your thongs outside?"
"Mom! The dogs ate my thongs."
"Po left his thongs on the floor again!"

and so on....

It's become our favorite word/phrase to throw into a sentence; any sentence; second only to explosive diarrhea. Always a family favorite.

School started.  Can I get an AMEN?! A lot of parents get sentimental... I just get giddy.  snicker.  Moi has been so wonderful getting her lil bros on the bus before she goes to work since I go in at 5am.  The first day of school Lil Man looks back at Moi as the bus arrives, "There's no law against farting on the bus right?"


Oh and of course we're all about pics... please enjoy the following at your leisure.

I'm sure you're impressed with our usual amazing quality photos.  And don't you love they're out there at the butt-crack of dawn waiting for the bus.

It's almost sad to see how depressed they all are about starting school.  My pidglets are very sensitive by nature.

Please note the broad daylight.  First day of school, at least the bus did come eventually.

So, I guess that's where we're at.  Back to school, back to work, back to routine, back to trashing my house like a feral cat searching for tuna in a dumpster.  Life is good. Life... is as it should be.

Over and out,