Wednesday, July 16, 2014

More of nothing...

So today will be my 8th day straight of working.  Am I dedicated or what?  Ha!  I'm still loving it, but I'm also numb and think I may have gotten a little shorter.  It happens. The point of the above mentioned is that that yard is glaring at me questioning why I have abandoned it. There is a certain male figure in my home that has had 3 days off to my none but evidently the yard doesn't speak to him, only to me.

Thursday I'm off so I have a date with a hot landscaper - as in me and the hot part equals sweaty girl with a bandanna on her nappy curly locks.  Hot... right...

I have to take a moment and tell you I completely forgot why I started this post. I do however know it had nothing to do with what I've typed out so far.

So, I'll just keep going with the fireworks that pop into my mind. Most people call them thoughts, I however have so many my brain lights up like the 4th of July and almost blinds me. Mental note: I might have found the cause of my eye twitch.

So my oldest baby girl, Bailey, and her friend, Char, are going to open an Etsy shop with these amazing shirts they make. I'm beyond excited. The shirts look ridiculously professional and I can't wait to be one of their first customers. Here's a preview of their work.

The top is the dementor/patronus one from Harry Potter and the bottom is the Thorin and Company dawn to dusk... I'm going to have a closet full of this stuff! I'm so glad at least one of my pidglets is moving in the crafty direction.  See I had at least one good gene to pass along, oh and the nerd gene of course.

I on the other hand still have small piles of crochet bunting that I still haven't listed in the Cottage. Strangely and as usual, since I've gone back to work my shops have picked up but I better start adding to them before I have zero selection. Procrastination gene is dominate in my body.

Wish me luck on the yard tomorrow, there will be whining and gnashing of teeth. Perfect. It's always good to have a positive attitude.

Okay, I'm off to work... Have a wondermous day.


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