Friday, June 27, 2014

The girls are gone...

Today is Friday Funnies.  I have my nifty lil notebook with their antics written down for the week but I'll be honest, I don't feel like it.  I didn't feel like it at 1:37am when I thought about writing the post and then mid-day I didn't feel like it and now ... not at all.

Moi as you know flew out on Tuesday to see Bailey.  My girls... beautiful girls... I miss them terribly - and the son-in-law I've only gotten to meet once.

Busy and Lil Red left yesterday for youth conference in Tennessee.  They come back tomorrow, it's just a few days.  Do you know what I did when they left?  I screamed through the house with the boys laughing and giggling... "THE GIRLS ARE GONE!  THE GIRLS ARE GONE!  BOYS ROCK, NO FIGHTING WOOO HOOO!"

Yay... yee haw...woo... hmph.  The girls are gone.

The girls left yesterday at 11:45 by approximately 2:27pm  I looked at the clock and sighed.  No one was sitting in my craft room to the left of me or on the other side of my desk or yelling from the hallway that one had stolen the other's clothes or shampoo or leftover potatoes and cheese.  

No one was fighting or slamming doors or asking to borrow my straightener or shirts.  No dishes left in various parts of the house and not a thing in the sink or on the table and no one was working on the unfinished puzzle sitting on the kitchen table.

No one to take ridiculous selfies with, not a single girl to gossip, giggle and grin with.  No new music from Lil Red, that I HAVE to listen to at this very instance.  No yelling at Busy for her to check her blood sugar and no Busy asking to do my nails in fluorescent summer colors and no Moi to ask me to braid her hair or trade sarcastic remarks with to tick one of the others off just for kicks.

Don't get me wrong, I'm having a blast with my boys, but even my Lil Men agree, it's too quiet without them. Ethan and I snuck out to Walmart last night and grabbed some junk food and then I made him hold my yarn so people would think it was his.  (That's what I told him anyways.) He kept tossing it in the air as I continued to kick and smack it out of his hands.  It's all good and well, and very much appreciated.  It's just different.

Now E is at Mama Jodes's and Grandad's house and it's just me and Lil Man.  Except he's playing Minecraft and talking to his minion on the headset.  I can't interrupt because he told me that he's making a youtube video and that he's now a You-tubist... which he is not.

I'm not needed.  Po will come home later tonight eat the dinner I made and get on his own games online and I'll still be here; watching my family grow up.  I'm loving it... absorbing it... cherishing it.  I'm just still confused at how it all happened so fast.

What can I say?  I am ill-equipped at any age for an empty nest.  As a matter of fact I still haven't forgiven my first born for growing up and being successful.  Betrayal.

Thanks for listening, I'm going to wallow in my self-pity as I secretly creep on my you-tubist.

Because it's my blog and I can gush if I want to.


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