Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Still here...

I've had an influx of sales lately for the shop.  Yay!

But that's trips to the post office... and I think we all know I'm slightly afraid of the daylight when it means leaving my own yard.  Oh, hey, bytheway.  I helped Po do the yard last week.  That is a major milestone considering my body still likes to tell me when it will and will not work.  It felt good though.

That's my driver.  I bribed him with soda.

Yah... I'll check into postage by mail so I don't have to leave the house... you're right. wink

So I'm playing with buttons today.  Don't ask, I really couldn't tell you.  No top secret project I just really have no idea what I'm doing... still.

Guess what?  My lil garden is still on the porch.  (Didn't we go through this last year Pidg?)

A portion of garden 2013... but it made it in... so this one will too.  

Moi, for Mother's day, bought me lil starter plants I cried and cried for like half an hour because it was so thoughtful and my hormones were running particularly high that day.  I then stopped only to start again.  She secretly did it all on her lunch break and sent Po home with the trunk full of garden goodness.  Did I mention I cried?

We're trying to find a time we can put them in the ground together but seeing as how she is working, graduating in almost one week and starting the rest of her adult life... yah.  Playing in the dirt is on hold. Pshh... kids and their growing up.. whateves.

Speaking of Moi, she's about to go visit Bailey after graduation. I'm trying to lose weight so I can fit in her bag.  Oh come on, not her carry on, it's not like I'm crazy. ok...

In recent news, I have found that crocheting is cheaper than therapy. I also quite like spending time with yarn rather than people so it works out for everyone.  Me and the yarn anyway... 

I want to incorporate some of it into my shops but seeing as how my BFF, OCD, is still in the house and all of my crocheting therapy sessions it's not happening just yet.

Truth be told I spend more time taking out stitches than actually stitching... same thing goes for sewing, I hold closely to my seam ripper. But I'm strangely having so much fun! "so... like sew much fun"  Hehe...

You can tell I shouldn't have been allowed near the keyboard today. No one can stop me, I'm a rebel like that.

Well, just thought I'd let you know I'm still here.  In my house... I think I'm so funny. Okay, off to my buttons.

Loves, hugs, kisses and all that jazz...

Over and out,



  1. Hey! Well it's clear why you REALLY cried - all that grown up stuff that comes after graduation. ;-)

  2. Hi♥ Go get those buttons and make it all happy:)


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