Thursday, June 19, 2014

So I'm lucky...

It's Thursday.  This week that translates to yard day.  I've graduated to doing it by myself.  Actually, we're about to find out if I can do it by myself today. Either I will end up with a beautiful yard, or I will be passed out in my almost beautiful yard. My body still likes to mock my attempts to do normal activities... ehh

Last week, I did almost all of it by my very own self. I even made sure to sweat enough for 3 people. 

What is life? Is it even possible to get only half the female gene? Like really... sweaty girl... pshh

I'm done.

Here's my thought for the day.  I really don't have just one.  Surprising, I know. I have about 754.2 of them as we speak.  But in the midst of my chaos and self-inflicted change/life-altering,blechh, here's what I've landed on.

My gosh am I blessed.

Does anyone else realize how lucky I am to have the ability to live in simplicity and enjoy it?  If you live beyond your means you should seriously attempt to cut back just to see the blessings and more colorful life you've been given.  I smile more because of it, because I'm in tune with the nature and plain gifts of the world.  I'm not preaching, just expressing gratitude.

Oh yah, I get frustrated sometimes.  That's human nature, to be unsatisfied at times.  However, I find it's easy to overcome when you can just look up at the seeds you've planted and watch their leaves toss in the winds of what we refer to as family. 

You should see them too... 


Holy cow, THOSE are ALL MINE!  What happened to the days of one on each hand, two holding my back pockets and two in a grocery cart?  We should do that again just for kicks.  I think it would be great fun in the grocery store...

I would like to just reiterate at this time what beautiful pidglets I helped make.  I am good at something right?

Okay, the sun is up, basketball camp is calling my boys name so it's time to go round them all up to deposit them in their stations for the day.  Then the yard.. and more sweat.  

Here's to healing and yard-work and hoping they go hand-in-hand oh and therapy and lots of water...fine... fine... I'm going.

Loves and smooches and a playlist that keeps me moving... Over and out,


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