Monday, June 16, 2014

Mornin' Monday...

Monday morning.. late morning... my house is quiet.  Strange you say?  Well, it's the first official week of summer and the kids are at their dad's house this week.  Which I completely forgot actually.  I have this tendency to think they're mine, all mine only mine.  So when they're with me that's all I think about, then I'm strangely brought to my senses when the other half of their biological make-up ends up in the driveway to whisk them away.

Translation?  They won't even be coming off on the bus to my home like they do when school is in session. More in depth translation? Waaaaay to quiet.

So with a glorious migraine I've been sporting for 2 days I stayed in bed longer.  It didn't help and felt kind of awful to be wasting my time.  So I've been crocheting my little black heart out.

Oh, I'm sorry, you expected pictures of someone who actually got ready for the day? Wrong blog, sorry. I'm all about natural, last night's make-up and hey, see that little beauty on my thumb?  I do that every time I do the push-mowing part of the lawn.  Some people are slow learners, some are no-learners.  I am the latter.

So, as I sit here with my playlist I find myself thinking what am I going to do with my free every-other-week this summer.

Crochet... yard work... run and become addicted to it.... Bwahhahahahaahahahaha... sorry, let's not talk crazy.

Miss my babies when they're not here shaking my house like a wet dog in the rain. That will be the bulk of my every-other-week summer plans. sigh.

Oh, and I'm going back to work. It seems sick or not, I don't do "dependent" very well. Even if it is dependent on the guy I'm married to.  the end.

Me? Issues? Pshh....

Wanna know something weird? Turns out I don't have white yarn?  I know, I'm embarrassed for me too. Quick trip to the yarn store. (There is no 'yarn store' around here it just sounds funny)

I'm going to continue picturing myself running and enjoying it.  Meanwhile I'll get on my elliptical and clunkily work it out.  Clunkily?  Yes, it's a word - in the dictionary of Pidg.  Look it up.

Over and out,


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