Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Know what's weird?

I was thinking this morning, as I search the web for crochet patterns, what a dork I am. I can crochet, I'm getting better, some days, but I can't read patterns.

Why do I search for patterns?  I did this one and I messed it up but it turned out better, unfortunately, I can't duplicate it.  

I can also do,cut and color some amazing hair, but I never fix my own.

I bake from scratch constantly, but I can't eat gluten.  Can I just tell you how frustrating it is cooking for these people and I can't taste it first?  Everything comes with a warning label: Okay, new recipe, if it tastes like crap please leave your comments in the slotted box.

Today, I'm watching the boys play Minecraft across the room... again... actually I just listen to them and my ears start to bleed as Lil Man talks NON-STOP to his lil minions on the headset.  Then I put my earbuds back in, turn up my Pandora station and pretend I'm in a place where people don't know how to talk... okay fine, in a place where there are no people.

Summer... please help me.  I've cooked, cleaned, and repeated for every time they've been hungry.  (Take the number 20 and multiply it by 17)

I wanted to do the yard yesterday but the people that live with me said I was being obsessive... pshh... now it looks wet.

Work should be calling me soon; all we're waiting for is the background check to come through.  Well, all I can say is they better call soon before I do something that goes on my record!  Oh school bus, why have you betrayed me.  That golden/yellow metal box of love on wheels that whisks away my children daily.

I need a tissue.

Okay, I'm off to clean the dishes that were mysteriously left in the sink AFTER I went to bed at 2am. And really I just went into my room to hide from children because I was waiting for a phone call from Moi.  Not just a plate either... we're talking sink full, and there was chocolate involved.

Really?  Yah.

And I might be a lil onery because my beloved 2nd born, Moi, flew out to see my beautimous 1st born, Bailey, in Utah last night.  She had a million delays and didn't get there until 3:45am our time.  But she made it safe and sound.  I wish I was with them.  Now I have to miss not one girl, but two... and the school bus.

First world probs...

Meanwhile, Lil Man wanted this pic.  How, can you love such torture?  But I do.

Here's to summer and thinking about starting new hobbies... like drinking.  Hehe...

Over and out,


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