Thursday, June 26, 2014

Insomnia, fraud and a lil yard work...

It's currently 3:26am and I'm just sitting here hanging out with my insomnia.  It's been bad lately. There are obvious reasons insomnia is not a friend; however, then there is the quiet in my house that can only be described as bliss.  I prefer to think I'm just nocturnal... which I kind of am... except for the I don't sleep during the day thing.

moving on...

So, yesterday I was checking my account online, which I don't like to do because I mean, let's be honest, it's depressing.  But I had three bills that were going out so, like a responsible adult, I thought I would see if they had cleared. 

No they hadn't but two other charges totaling $250 had cleared and it seems I've been spending some time seeing my southern roots in Texas.  There are currently four more charges pending and I would love to say my teleporter has been repaired but IT.HAS.NOT.

Can I just tell you the irony of this situation and really the first and main thought I had whilst reporting this fraud?  Why the crap if you're going to steal some one's card number would you choose someone who is broke?  I mean, did your mother not teach you to aim higher?

I was on the phone with the bank and the kids started talking to me because even as teenagers, you put a phone to your ear and it's like a magnet for kids to start asking you questions that MUST be answered right then.  The dogs started going crazy and then Daddy stopped by.  I tell him who with and why I'm on the phone and giggle at the idea of a a thief who steals from the poor to remain poor and Daddy tells me I should send them a sympathy card. Ha!

Good times.  

I told the boys that because of this thing with my account, money will be tight and I will have to sell one of them. It's amazing really how quickly good boys can turn on each other. Evidently, Lil Man is younger and therefore cuter; however, Ethan is smarter and does more chores.  

Then we decided it would be easier to get rid of the girls.  We will fetch far less of a price but save wonderfully in groceries and hair product.  Sold.

Oh, and I won by the way.  I did the yard and it's beautiful.  The sun dried up all the rain/dew and even though the pidglets and Po tell me I'm being obsessive about the yard I'm terribly pleased.  

It's the little things. 

Alright, I'm off to crochet something... well I don't know what, but it will have yarn in it, of that I'm sure.

Over and out of my mind,


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