Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I need...

I need to focus... this morning Lil Red wanted to drop by McDonald's to bring her teacher a coffee.  Busy needed snacks for a class that the final was going to be major short in.

Must pass the time with snacks right?

I needed to pick up a few things since I try not to leave the house. So we were off  - all after we got Lil Man on the bus and before they went to school.  

Flying through town like a crazy woman on crack.  We got everything done and everyone is safely distributed into their locations of responsibility and I am now in a chair swallowed by a rare silence.


I need to get on track.  I feel lost lately.  I need to just write those lists I so love to make and scratch items off one by one, then grin at what I've done.

I need a deeply hued sky over a ranch of miles and miles of land - clouds that loom with pending rain and grass beneath my bare feet.

I need to eat the last 12 gluten free cookies Busy made for me - all in the next 5 minutes.  PMS... pshhh

I need to list the things I've made for the shop.  Turns out my mind powers aren't as strong as I had hoped. My items still linger on the desk not listed.

I need to laugh more and play and smile so that its familiar again. My babies bring that out in me.  There's a freedom and crumbling of walls and a nonsensical wave of silliness that they quilt me with.

They're getting older.  I'm still enjoying every moment with them.  Even when they're awful.  Even when I'm awful.

I really... don't need much at all.

I think, I already have everything I need; including the cookies.  The sky here will suit me just fine for now.

Over and out,


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