Monday, June 30, 2014

Have you noticed?

Have you noticed that negative people always tell you (the positive people) that you are the one being negative?  As you point out the good, the simple blessings and the light they vomit words contrary to your actual actions and place their gloomy outlook upon you.

Oh crap, that was a close one, I just tripped over the sunshine I was scattering.  Whew.

Have you noticed that the more sincerely happy you become the more discontentment it creates in someone that is holding on to their pessimistic outlook?  I think it's sad.

It's a choice.  I'll be the first to admit not every day am I capable of concealing my woes and that some days my pansy-self does choose the unfavorable to the icing on the cake but... I'm talking for the most part. Your personality, the attitude you normally wear.

Hey, that's not rain at all... that's glitter falling from the sky.  Beautiful.

Have you noticed that when you sit quietly in the presence of young people just the noise, humming, conversation (to others and themselves) witty comments or songs they make up are just generally enough to send you into a grinning state of mind?  That has a lot to do with my "normally" favorable disposition.  I listen. 

Oh, please,this is not about me being all happy and wonderful and skipping down that yellow brick road. I am, after all, a woman and with that come certain character traits and gifts. One of those gifts bestowed upon all women is the power of manipulation. Now, I have always used my powers for good and not evil however; kill them with kindness is something I have delved into.  A bit.

I manipulate a situation purely to find a better end ... I'm a chameleon, with only changing colors, never an original skin.  

The more I see you are attempting to rattle my cage the smoother I generally become. It's a battle of wills and please know that if you challenge me with wits, words or even physically you need be ready for the stubbornness of dwarfs.  Wait. What?!

What I'm saying is I end things regardless if I haven't started them. Just sometimes. wink.

Strangely though in this battle to "kill" weeds with daisies and sunshine I have found that I believe the "happy" I'm using as a weapon.  The more dark skies and falling rocks I tend to push farther into my imagination and find art or peace or beauty in the changing scenery.

It seems, I've killed myself with kindness, and it just happened to stick.

Today I'm grateful for the above lesson learned from my mama.  I'm thankful for the ability to climb crumbling mountains and light fires in the dark.  I'm blessed to have forested saplings from this splintered, trunk of a tree that I believed would never shelter love.

I even appreciate those negative beings that allow me to be thankful I'm me instead of them.  It's so much easier really, to find laughter when the monsters are closing in. After all, they're not real, but there are those that actually believe in me.

True story.

Over and out beyond Candy Cane Forest... hehe


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  1. so enjoyed this............I have always felt pretty much the same way. Happiness is a choice no matter what. You have a BEAUTIFUL family and I love that I can see them grown....Movie Star beautiful people.


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