Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Funnies

How have I not done my usual introduction to Summer post?  That's weird isn't it?  I mean, usually I'm all about typing out the verbatim transcripts of my children's fights, antics and openly display our miseries to the world.

With that being said... here's a few summer wonders for you on this post of Friday Funnies.

Heaven help me... Oh crap... Heaven Help us All!

Waiting at the pharmacy for Busy's 8 gazillion scripts and I realize "Holy crud I think she's low on her Insulin, which brand is called Humalog."
So here's me texting Busy in my most usual and articulate manner.

Because yah...

Somehow Busy and I got on the subject of people naming their children after themselves or others or what have you.  She said she's not into that and I agreed, then she paused, 
Busy:  "Besides, I already have my children named..."
Me:  "Really?"  grin, "Do tell..."
Busy:  "Yah, the first will be Norsick Nantles and the second... pause... Dorsick Tantles.  Because they should have their own names and be different."

Allright, 'nuff said.

Here's a beauty from Ethan, you know the "good kid".

Ethan and Lil Man are playing Minecraft (yah, that was surprising part of this post.  not.)
Ethan:  "Logan, give me your head so I can squeeze it and drink the juice."

And there you go.  Awesome part, Lil Man didn't even flinch.  Juice, it's what's for dinner.  Okay, I'm done.


It all began with Busy taking Lil Red's chair.  And so it begins...

As it all started I just handed my phone to Moi and she just clicked away.  

Oh and the other night we women were bonding over the "Ya Ya Sisterhood".  Ethan comes in and asks what we're watching and Busy yells out, "Go out we're watching "Shoot 'em up Village".

Now every time we watch a movie it's referred to as "Shoot 'em up Village" ... never gets old.

Here's one that really substantiates the classy and tactful side of my offspring.

Busy was mad at Ethan and she looks down and yells, "Your breath smells like poop go wipe your butt!"

Wait. What?

And we're moving on...

Moi:  If I was to be born again in another body, I think I would want to be like Queen Latifah. No, I would just want to be Queen Latifah."

Mental note recorded.

No words are needed for this next one.  Just so you know, I had nothing to do with it.  I walked into the kitchen and simply documented the validity of the moment.


Check out the photo bomber, Lil Red.  Looks like me huh?  Weird, you'd think we were related or something.


Happy Friday.  You should make it funny, BECAUSE YOU CAN.

Over and out, 


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  1. You're on a roll this week girl. Love seeing you back at it. Anyway LOVE the auto correct typo. LOL!


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