Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Chronicles of Movement: Me and the Busy...

Guess what?  Pidglets came back to me last night so me and the Biz woke up early (actually everyone did) and we took the boys to basketball camp.  Lil Red stayed to watch them.  She's  a supportive big sissy who takes her responsibilities of being a protector very seriously.  Okay, really?  Did I mention the high school boys are at camp at the same time?  Yah, I'm snickering too.

Took the man to work, and me and the girl went to a small track at one of the schools not too far.  We ran/walked like 47 laps... or like 34 or maybe not... but it was fun to have someone with me.  We made fun of each other for breathing so heavy and sweating like full grown men and bonded over how we hate those people who don't have to exercise.

I love that kid... 

So when we got home we decided to document the movement.

Now you know I do everything with a flare of improvisation and I like to call it ghetto style. So when you have zero upper-body strength left in the sack of child-bearing almost 40ish self you get desperate when you don't belong to a gym. (That's a public place) and you no longer have a lat-pull machine. So, in order to solve I took the swing off the porch and use the bar for pull-ups. Okay, fine, I use it for "pull-up".  Singular. 

First pic:  Busy, take the picture... Biz... take the freakin' picture.
Middle pic:  No seriously Biz, I can't hold it... this isn't natural..
Last pic:  Ahhhhhhhhh

and so on.

Incidentally I volunteered her for this little ditty and she wouldn't let me put the pic up.  Her blond locks frazzled up like her mom's and she some how looked like she had a short afro.  Because I look so much better... still love that kid.

In just came Moi, the tiny, perfect, little child of mine that doesn't have to exercise; looks at me and Busy at the computer and says, "You guys workin' out?"

She is so not invited and Busy and I decided we are going to start adding high caloric 'somethings' to her vegetarian lil meals.  Maybe something subtle like lard.

We both decided we like the swing connected and us sitting in it better.  Still moving right?  hmph...

Have a great Wednesday... I'll be chillin' with my besties.  Dang growing my own friends was like the best decision ever.

Over and out,


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