Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I haven't blogged lately.  That much we know.  To be honest, I've wanted to; I think about it every day. Nothing comes.

On a side note, you know how I love side notes... I discovered something about myself years and years ago. If I started a statement with "to be honest" I was going to tell you the truth.  However, if I started the sentence with "honestly..." I was about to lie to you.  Classy right? " Honestly, your hair looks amazing!" (cough cough...)  "Honestly, I don't think your baby girl looks like a gremlin at all..."  Yah....

See how that works?  I have since corrected that and now I will not disclose what I say when about to tell a fib.  Maturity I suppose... maybe not.

Back to my deep thoughts.  Things kind of bite right now.  To be honest...

But that's no fun so we'll talk about something else.  

I'm trying to get off soda.  (That's not fun either)  I've been drinking lemon water and adding a little carbonated water for that splash of wonder (that still is not soda just so we're clear).  Ornery?  Perhaps.

While torturing myself with that I have severely brought down my caffeine intake.  Does it help with my ADHD?  Yes.  Is that the purpose of me filling my body to the brim with caffeine?  Yes.

Now, with the lack of caffeine, do I find myself literally standing in a room, doing 5 separate things only to find myself back in my craft room not having done what I originally got up for?  Yah... But they tell me it's bad for me so I'm trying.  To be honest, I think ADHD is bad for me too, and everyone around me for that matter.

Honestly, as I avoid the two of the above mentioned, I feel refreshed and more alert and happy; almost amazing each and every day.  (You caught that right?  Thought I'd throw one in there for ole time sake)

As most of you know I received the edited manuscript back of my book that is really "books" and my lovely Sloan printed the beast out for me just so I could see it.  I spent hours hugging it, taking selfies with the stack of papers and speaking sweet words of love to it.  Tears were shed, a green pill might have been taken because of my heart pounding and my head spinning but all in all it was exciting.

I'm putting that bad boy on Amazon as soon as possible.  I just want it out there.  Just to see.

In other breaking Pidg news I must tell the mothers of young children: BRACE YOURSELVES.

Tantrums do not end after toddlerhood.

Teenagers, will kill you; the rumors are true.

While I am blessed to have wonderful pidglets, I was displayed as a hypocritical monster on my beautiful daughter's blog.

An honor, I know.

I begged that at the very least she defend me on the point where she mentioned "beating it in to her".  That was not me.  For how much IMAGINING beating that child often paints a wicked smile upon my face.  I have not yet had the pleasure.  


We're still not talking.  Truth be told I'm not a hypocrite.  I am more aware of my colorful flaws I display daily (often hourly) than anyone.  I don't justify them.  Do I hope my pidglets will turn out better than me?  Pshh, yah.  But I do understand struggle and pain and realize each of our load is heavy individually.

One would hope that your children see the woman who struggles but continues to stand and try again.  Naw, they remember the mistakes.  Honestly, it doesn't hurt my feelings to be judged so harshly by a person I brought out of my own body who was almost ten pounds and tried to kill me from the delivery room.  It's cool... 

But... my opinions and expectations that have never changed are slightly (during a rare conversation) being understood by Mr. B. She's just lashing out because well.... I am the devil.  Or something like that...

It happens.

See, this is why I drink so much freakin' caffeine... I tend to get distracted.

Okay, I'm off to drink more lemon water and create fat birds today.  I think it's a fat bird kind of day.

To be honest, I hope you have a fantastic rest of the week! wink


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  1. Ha - I had to re-read the honestly sentence about being happy. That made me smile. We are on the same page. I am off caffeine. I started weaning last Monday and there's this teeny weeny "who died?" undercurrent flowing through me. I can't shake it off. But I 5 days caffeine sober and that's major. So freakin' excited for you and that GINORMOUS manuscript. You might be the next Stephen King. I get to say I knew you here first. Anyway about that lemon water - if you suddenly develop a rash around your eyes - it's not the pollen ;-)


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