Thursday, May 22, 2014

I got this...

Daddy always said, "Eat dessert first, life is uncertain".
Man,was he not kidding about the uncertain part.
Incidentally I'm taking his advice to a higher level and I have decided to eat only dessert.  period.  Just the thought of that gives this post a better feel.  smirk.

Have you ever sat still long enough to realize the world is spinning around you? Somehow, you find yourself perched upon a fence watching either side go on about their day.  The sun rises, the night falls, and others around you live their lives, despite you teetering on that fence.

In all honest to goodness truth; my butt hurts from sitting on that freakin' fence.

I'm not a person others consider "emotional" as a matter of fact I've been known to be cold and without feeling.  Do other's ever question why I appear that way?  Pshh... no.

I care.  I do.  Too much.  

The world around me is spinning and I seem to be stagnant, motionless, uninspired.  

Get off the dang fence Pidg.  Make the decision and prepare for splinters as you slide off that division of sides.

I miss being happy.  I miss laughing.  I miss simple things and simpler times.  Things, people, circumstances fade from your view like the sappy, sorrowful end of a paper back novel. Sometimes, only sometimes, it's necessary to look behind you to find what you dropped along the way.  

I'm afraid I left myself behind. 

Strange when I see things clearly. Actually strange isn't the word - rare is a better description.  Seeing and thinking clearly is not a strong suit as of late... yah, I'm still giggling though.  Thank goodness, my sense of humor still remains held tightly in my pocket.

Brushing off the dust I'm turning back to grab the girl that gifts a smile.  I have no idea who I am anymore, but I am painfully aware of who I'm not and who I don't want to be anymore.  Titles, fragments, glimpses of a person who has sat on the sidelines cheering the rest on without so much as a look of gratitude.  I am so much more.  I don't know what ... but it's more... and very, very, cool... of that I'm certain.  wink.

I'm not a fan of change, but I've never been afraid of it either.  Pshh... I got this



  1. Love you GirlFriend!!! Been thinking about you a lot lately!!!

  2. Yeah you do! Get it!
    (the lost comment was way better, but this is the jist of it - lol)


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