Friday, January 10, 2014

Sunshine and Flowers...Not

So I'm sick.  I've been sick.  Sick for like 3 days then it got worse and now it's been a week. And I, Pidg, actually have had to call out of work; which is completely against my wiring.

Throat, strep... snot...brain melting in the form of mucus and then the cough started; mingled with fever and fever and ... you get it.  Then, finally I gave up called out and by mid-morning realized I had a double eye infection.  I am telling you I look like the "all seeing eye" in Lord of the Rings... times two.  Sauron doesn't have anything on me.

Source of redness

Can I take this moment to openly announce I hate this keyboard?  Geesh... 

Sick... whatever.

In the midst of snot, coughing and chaos of the body I did have a wonderful occurrence of coughing so bad I thought I was going to pee myself.  Yes, all of you mothers can relate to that one.  So... I run to the bathroom to pee, start to vomit then can't stop barfing.

I stand there, in my graceful composure, wrapping my legs around each other and projectile-ing into the toilet I feel snot dripping down my face... but wait, I look in the mirror and it's a bloody nose; except it looks like I was the victim of an attack... serial killer moment... what if....

In my time of poised and classy illness I decided to crochet a project for Mama to take my mind off of sick. Unfortunately I am afraid it might turn out to be one of those gifts "only a mother could love" You know, like those fridge art pictures we have all over our own refrigerators? Thank goodness she's my mom. wink

However, while waiting for Po to bring me another skein of yarn I decided to watch a knitting tutorial.  My Nay says she likes that better than crochet.  Now, as we all know I am full of coordination and so I whipped out my knitting needles, blew the dust from their luster and began.  

The best way to describe it might be a toddler attempting to eat noodles with chopsticks.  Except I didn't eat the yarn... only a taste... maybe that's why I'm coughing.  smirk

Knitting, placed on hold.  For eternity.  Wow, that was almost worth making a vid of me in action .. almost.

Now, in case you were still in question, I'm just mad at being this sick.

Cranky?  Understatement.

I never get sick like this.  Evidently I saved it all up for this one occasion.  It's not the flu or pneumonia or bronchitis it's just awful.  

And then, over a series of days, My Nay is sending me these "I look so cute pics of herself". Firstly, she does look cute and second, how do you send cute pics to a friend who resembles an orc? I thought we were friends. So of course I mention this to her and whine as any other human/animal would.

Next she sent me a pic of her "almost" picking her nose.  Thank you.  Friendship renewed.  In all honesty it did lift my spirits.  She still looked pretty though. grin

So, I'm going back to Mama's project with antibacterial rubbed into my artful hands and away I go.  

If I die before I wake... ehh don't worry about it I'm not sleeping anyways.  Besides, the good die young. So I'm thinking biblical age for me yo.

Over and out,

I'll move on to spreading sunshine and flowers to another lot and give you guys a break.  sniff


  1. Oh thank you thank you thank you for not posting the "I stuck my finger in my nose for you to feel better about yourself" pic on here. I have a reputation to uphold you know?!
    AND you blogged?! WHAT?! You *must* be sick...lmbo...and yeah, um, it must be bad if you haven't sent me a pic of yourself these last few days...LOVE YOU MY PIDG! Get better, I mean, Lovey!


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