Thursday, January 16, 2014

Something special...

I was on the way home from the post office mailing a few things for PidgApeg Cottage and I was thinking to myself... what the heck can I blog about today.  The answer was this... (cricket cricket)  'cept there were no crickets or lil nature noises, just me, driving heavy breathing from this sick I still have.

So I came home and see that my Lil Red has written a post.  Stop Here and go read it please, otherwise this is all for naught to those of you that aren't my Lil Red.

After reading that heart felt post with all of it's intricacies and typos she inherited from her mother I was touched - on so many levels.

Dear Lil Red;

First off the mom in me screamed, "HELLO!  Of course you're special!  Holy crud, do I not tell you, show you, text you, do for you, snap you enough?"  Yes, the mom guilt was overflowing with self-loath and ridicule.

Then... I felt what you were saying.  As an adult I feel exactly the same way.  Our situations may be different and our worries of the world on different levels; each heavy to our own load bearing shoulders.  Things don't change sweet Red.  You grow, you get better at opening that drawer for yourself and lighting your own world with color.

The world won't change, sometimes I believe certain individuals are designed to dampen this beautiful, sparkling existence of ours with sludge.  Then... there are those who are preordained to light it on fire with color and spice.

You, Lil Red, are one of those people.  The girl who flies to her own breeze, marches to the beat of her own heart and wonders.  The girl with a quick wit and the most infectious laughter.  The teenager who is so brilliant she can't seem to put it into one box.  I for one think distraction can teach you new things, don't let that get in the way.

Collect what you can Sweets, gather it up in your arms and take it home to your chest of hope, wonder and dreams.  Take that dimly lit candle you have with you and peek into those treasures of your mind, heart and deepest corners of your soul and create.

As you know solitude is something I have struggled with; even surrounded by so many others.  But it's in my mind that I live, my books, my stories, those characters that have chosen me to tell their story.  It's in the art I create, the children that teach me daily and the home that allows me to be myself.

Write your book, search your memories and store them away in something pretty, be kind, be good to yourself and remain ever faithful.  Don't ever allow anyone to make you feel that you aren't enough.

You're more than anyone could aspire to be.

You are more than something special.  You, are Lil Red.  And there is only one and I'm so grateful I have a front row seat to watch you sprout from seed to plantling to one day a great and marvelous, spectacular tree.

Go put on that amazing and captivating smile and run like the wind baby girl.

I'll be right there with you.

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  1. Oh I just want to put my arms around you both. A Lil Red and Pidgy sandwich...


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