Saturday, January 11, 2014

One of those days...

Do you ever have those days?  Those days filled with optimism?  Ironic I know, this on the cusp of my horribly corrupted most previous blog post of being sick and enveloped in my bad attitude that was so keeping me warm.  Hehe

Still, looking up and forward and beyond the snot can creep up on you, especially in the midst of crap.  Well, at least it does for me seeing as how I have no attention span.

Mama always said I am one of the most forgiving people she knows.  Nice right?  Really, it's because I get distracted with something else and tend to forget.  But I like the thought of being forgiving, it sounds as if I have a heart somewhere in this cold and dark, cavernous  body.  Hehe... not to be mistaken with Heehee... we've been through this before.

Back to happy thoughts filled with wonder.  It only takes a moment for me sometimes.  A smell of cinnamon, a giggle from a pidglet that most likely is attempting to get themselves out of trouble.  A hand-crafted item I know I can make and sell for less.  A friend who spills sarcasm and waits for my reaction with a double edged sword. Fun stuff...

So, I was thinking... I bet I can make a push for my shops.  I bet I will do even better than last time
I think I should redesign my blog; even though I seem to be a semi-annual blogger lately.
I think Po would be so pleasantly surprised to have me cook every night again, not to mention the pidglets glee in food that's more than 2 ingredients.

I might start exercising simply for the therapy. I might shave my dogs so they stop shedding... how wonderful. Oh for the dogs?  Maybe not. But then I will crochet them lil sweaters and.... fine.

I want to write my own cookbook.  That's not really true it just seems to be on everyone else's list.  So I bet they can if they try.  I just want to publish... no I want the time to research publishing then publish.  I want to restore order to my home and my mind.  I think I can this time.  I want to wear hats... I do. I realize that has nothing to do with anything I just thought I'd throw that out there.

Do you ever just have these creative life moments where you think you can make the changes you so desperately need?  I do.  I wonder what stops me? Life, surviving, others you need to tend to, fatigue, fear... the list goes on and on.

Right now I will settle for swallowing without pain in my throat.  Baby steps.

I think this time I will make a list.  I think this time I will take my optimism seriously.  It can't hurt right?  

Making a game-plan, seeking out and reaching goals.  Yah, maybe it's the chips and hummus talking but I think that's just what I will do with this lil bit of happy-believe-in-yourself moment.

I'm watching it rain as we speak.  It's not depressing because it's new and clean and today I like it even though it's misty and not real rain.  But the cottage is peeking through the leafless woods and whispers "create".  

I'm still sick but instead of loathing I will wait until I can breathe with clear sinuses and be grateful... yah, no, I'm not that happy dude... being sick still bites.

But you get the idea.

I'm going to be that girl that thought she could so she did.  I like that.

Off to smell the roses... or at least look at them since my nose is not working.

Over and out

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  1. Positivity rocks. From you? It rocks and rolls. Love you my Pidg. Go get it!


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