Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I have decided...

Like the title of this post?  You really thought it was something profound that I had made a decision on huh? Like life changing or something... yah...no.  It's me.  I can't even figure out what I'm cooking for dinner.

Speaking of dinner and getting back to the title of this here post... I have decided I am not a very good soup cooker.  Yes, that is how you say it.  I'm sure it's used in the culinary world of those in the know.  Soup cookers have been around for wow... okay, I'm done.

Every time I go to make soup it doesn't matter what I'm making I end up turning it spicy.  Oh please... I can't help myself. I love spicy, hot, kickin' wondermous soup but I can't seem to stop myself.

Chicken soup - spicy  Meatball soup - spicy  brothy or creamy it matters not.  I feel the need to add whahh to it.  Po doesn't like spicy.  Po doesn't like soup for that matter or food that is grown from the ground, or a tree or resembles something healthy... wait I'm exaggerating again, he eats his body weight in potatoes.  

Doesn't matter, that's not what we're talking about today.  

I also have this issue with sticking to recipes.  I get one that sounds amazing then change it before I've tried it their way. It's how I make it mine. I cook from scratch mostly and I cook to taste. Daddy says that's what makes me a good cook but I think "my taste" might be missing what their taste is all about; especially in the soup department.

Yes, I have labored over this thought of soup lately. It has been weighing so heavily on my mind. It's almost categorized as sad.  But we don't have to delve into my issues right now. We're talking about soup.

So, "I have decided" that next week is soup week.  Kind of like shark week except soup and substantially less dangerous... I hope.

I am going to try at least 4  new soup recipes for the winter/sick and afflicted season that we are now experiencing.  I will stick to the recipes.  I will try.

I'm excited about my new soup adventure.  Don't feel bad for Po I will make him something meat and cheese like on the side.  I remember when the kids were younger one week we had a "ramen" competition.  We each took turns cooking our own version of ramen and decided the winner at the end of the week.  I won with 'pizza ramen'.  Yes, that title is very dear to me.  I have since won, not one single competition with my children.  Okay, arm wrestling of course.

So there it is.  My big and major, latest and greatest endeavor.  Soup.  

To be a good soup-cooker... lives will be forever changed.


Over and into the recipe books I go.


  1. Yay for soup! I'm always looking for good soup recipes that I can throw everything in the crock, turn that magic dial and walk away. I can't wait to hear about your soup week and maybe you'll share the creations? :) I have a recipe that we love if you want it. My version of taco soup. Yummy! Miss you!

  2. oh you! i loved this post...and, um, you mentioned spicy meatball soup?! do you mean Albondiga soup?! oh goodness me (yes, I just typed that - lol). Please make that next time I see you on my special china, K?! next time I see you...hmmm. How do we make this happen already?!?!?
    Sending prayer for His healing grace to you and My Moi:)


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