Friday, January 17, 2014

Coffee break...

I haven't linked up in a while so my Nay thought it good I show my face again.  Today, I'm grabbing on to the shirt tales of Alissa from Rags to Stitches.  Just thought I'd dive in... yes, Nay guilted me.  smirk.

If we were having coffee today, or soda, or water or whisky... fill your cup with what suits you... I would tell you a few things.

First, I would place my hands on yours and tell you, thank you for sitting with me and keeping me company. I would tell you I'm back on track of finding 'me' again.  Through all of the masks I wear throughout each day I'm finally shuffling through the trunk of personalities and remembering the girl that seems to slip through the cracks.

I would tell you that me and Po and the Pidglets are excited about a few changes we're making in our family. We've never been the fam that finds the pot of gold because we're too distracted with the beauty of the rainbow.  And that suits us just fine.  It's okay to not follow the crowd and sometimes doing things different works out better for us.

In the midst of trial we are still sticking together and finding happiness in our laughter and just being together is already allowing a bit of healing.  Do you know how much giggling there is in my home?  I wouldn't trade it nor do I want to miss it anymore.

If we were side-by-side I would tell you how much I still continue to loathe this keyboard and that the first chance I get I'm buying a new one; one where the "g" doesn't stick.  Do you remember my last keyboard with the "a" and the "!"  .... so frustrating.

I would tell you that my latest and greatest love in the world is Vanilla Chex Cereal.  I eat it dry.  It makes me giddy with happiness.  It's sitting in it's box watching me type this out as a matter fact.  I think it loves me too.  Thank you Gluten Free wonders.

I would also tell you (though I imagine you've noticed) that I re-designed my blog again. Sweet, simple... fine maybe I'm going through a boring phase.  I did Lil Red's as well. While doing so I always update the line-up of the fam at the bottom.  Can I tell you how beautiful my children are?  They so take my breath away... hey let's look at them again just for funsies!

Hey, those are mine; each and every one of them!  Crazy right?  Oh, ... just ohhhh.. awful things. grin.

And lastly, I would tell you to stop trying to please others.  I saw a quote the other day that said, "learn to say no without explaining yourself".  Do that will you?  Be satisfied in being you and the choices you make. If you need to make some changes by all means do it.  But do it for yourself.

I'm glad we had this talk.  Maybe next time I'll try the Whisky.  wink.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Yay! One of my new favorites. Love you friend!


  2. Great post :) , stopping by from Alissa's Coffee date ..

    hope you have a great weekend x

  3. Your kids are gorgeous! It looks like each has his/her own unique personality - the pictures tell that story.

    I just read a quote from Kate Moss - I think it originally came from Johnny Depp - "Never complain. Never explain." For some reason it struck me as something I could maybe use a little of in my life right now. Especially the second part.

  4. I wish I could say no without explaining myself, but what am I supposed to reply when someone asks me, "Why?". I'm such a pushover and never say no.


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