Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Change is good...

There are those times when you're so down you feel heavy and lethargic.  Then, there are those moments though, you feel inspiration and creativity pouring - even oozing from your very skin.

Both of those times are designed to make us grow.  I have a friend... I think you may know her; my Nay. Her post was so lovely today it brought me to deep thought. She and I had a time where we grew together then as I became more and more sick and more and more reclusive we faded... I faded.

When I awoke from my deep dark cave she was waiting with open arms; as she always has.

We're growing again - together.  I can feel it, see it.  It's exciting.  I'm still at the point of a little fearful of the things we might accomplish together and otherwise; afraid of dreaming too big.  But still a smile keeps sneaking up and grin turns to wonder.

So... in short I just want her to know how grateful I am to have her friendship.  She sees the "me" that I can't see.  And it should also be mentioned that she accepts the "me" that everyone else sees... the distracted, loud and misled girl who can't sit still.

It was snowing a few moments ago, now the sun is shining.  Change is good.  Growing is inevitable.  What will I be when I grow up?  That is the question.

Plans are afoot my friends... let's go!

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  1. Oh you brat! You made me coulda warned me you know! I was *just* on the phone with you....oh, but how I love you and us and our wacky friendship...the envy of all...bahahahahaha! well, the envy of nudists at least....



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