Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bits and bites of nothin'

With all of the plans I'm trying to put together to organize myself and my household for the transition we're about to go through I would like you to know taking down the Christmas tree is not one of them.

Yep, I'm fully aware it's dangerously close to February.  Did I take down and pack away the decorations? Yes I did.  But the tree is just so pretty.  I loves it.  It warms up the living room so nicely.  Every night there is at least one child crashed on the coushie recliner and or the couch and with the lights on they just look so angelic.  So, just thought I would clear that up.  It's Christmas all year round this time.  I'll let you know if I change my mind.

I'm working on a new stitch for a crocheted blanket.  Yes, I'm still working on the project for Mama.  But she might like this better.  She might not, we'll see.  Like I said I'm "working" on a new stitch.  Hehe.

I'm not making resolutions for the new year or "revolutions" as Lil Man calls them.  I had zero intentions of creating any actually.  I am however, making changes that have been on the list for a while.  I figure that will suffice right?  I mean it's like dieting.  You say the word diet and I immediately get hungry - like ravenous hungry not just that "I wish I could have half a sandwich" kind of hungry.  I change my eating habits and find myself pleasantly surprised when I lose weight. Not if Busy keeps making these amazing gluten free thumbprint cookies... but that's neither here nor there.  I'm not trying to lose weight anyway, I just needed to justify the lack of revolutions. wink

I have this Rubbermaid container in the kitchen right now that I brought in from storage. I really can't remember what's in it already.  But Jack, the bad dog, loves to get on top of it and sleep. I swear he thinks he's a cat.  I'm thinking one of my projects should be making him and Charlie doggie bunk beds. Definitely should be high on the list of priorities... way, way above taking the Christmas tree down for sure.

You don't realize there was a brief pause in this post but I have to tell you there was. I stopped to make myself a cup of grape water and as I put the kitchen sprayer back into it's lil spot I for some odd reason felt compelled to squeeze it and shot it straight in my face.  So there.

So Lil Red and Moi got a class together this semester, Anatomy.  I think it's so cute and sweet. Moi's senior year and she gets a class with her sissy.  Last semester somehow all three of the girls had lunch together. I wish I had had classes with my sister.  I don't have a sister... didn't want one at all... never mind.  Did I tell you they're so cute?

Well, I'm off to create!  I have some new ideas for the Cottage and need to get them out of my brain to make room for thoughts of cleaning my house.  Right now, I'm not in a big rush I can tell you that.  Hey, did I mention I hate this keyboard?

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  1. Change is always good and you create the most wonderful things I can't wait to see your new creations and your new stitch... and yes I finally learned how to comment now I'm complete lol...


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