Friday, November 15, 2013

She escaped...

So, I've disappeared and reappeared blah... blahh... I'm here when I can be ya know?

So, today I was off work.  I was told on strict orders to do nothing but nothing.  (I'm sorry, who was he talking to?)  grin.  Well, I had to take Po to work, then I had to run a not so fun errand that put me dangerously close to Michael's.  What did I do?  Pshh... went to Michael's of course!

I had the most fun walking around by myself, smelling the season and looking at things as the ideas sprang like curls from my noggin.  I did get a few things and came in under budget.  Which of course is funny considering that I had no business being there at all so truly I came in way under "magic" budget.  Yes.

I went home and had a "coffee date" with my Nay on the phone and oh do I just love when we actually get time to catch up and have the same conversations we always do like they're new to us.  In the end, she told me to start blogging again.  She thinks, and it's slightly irritating that she's mostly always right, that I feel the way I do because of things that are happening because of not having my outlet - blogging.  Fine.

So here I am.

Wanna know what else I did that was so mischievous?  I went by myself mind you, to McDonald's got a large fry that was ridiculously perfectly cooked and inhaled them.  They spoke to me.  They understand me. Amen.  Possibly the highlight of the day.

Then... as I was mailing a sign I sold from the Cottage and heading towards Po for lunch I got a call from a friend that needed a lil help with baby and getting a few chores done and so off I headed.  It was nice AND I got my baby fix.  Always a plus!

Now, I'm home on my heating pad, contemplating blogging, writing, my shops and how long I can keep working without a plan in sight.  I'm strangely optimistic; mostly about eating the Rocky Road ice cream that's waiting for me in the freezer.  But a plan I will hatch.  

My Nay is right, I do need my outlet back.  I do need time for me and to accomplish the things that really matter, like Dr. Pepper... wait? What?!

Either way it was sooo much fun to escape and be with my Nay and help a friend and smell the Season. Oh... what will I do next.  Brush up on my writing perhaps?  Yes.

Over and out,

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  1. Oh. My. Gosh! Could it be?! You blogged, My Pidg! Woot woot!!!! See how easily that flowed. Oh how wonderful my little life is now - totally complete. I hollered a little Yea! When I saw this new post. And those fries. Um you're right they look HEAVENLY! And baby fixes are always a great way to end the day. So wonderful spending some us time today. I love you my BFF. You complete me. Lol


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