Wednesday, November 20, 2013

10 Reasons...

I just got home.  I'm safe.  No people. Just dogs.  Ahhh.... better...

For me and EVERYONE else who had to put up with me today.

Without further back peddling, hesitation, distraction and waylaying...

10 reasons why I'm a freak-show:

1.  I prefer to be honest when others do not.  I know, it sounds really good, but when you hear what I have to say humans generally a. don't like it or b. feel uncomfortable I just admitted out loud what they wouldn't dare say.

2.  I drink homemade salsa.

3.  I fweek out (yes that's how you spell it in this family) when someone tells me to do something I already know but have been pulled in 20 other directions.  If you come at me you might want to be right.  When I say fweek out, I mean my frustration/tolerance is at an all-time high/low and I can't look said person in the eye only because they will see my "I will kill you with my bare hands look" and that doesn't seem to make that person secure in their existence.  (weird right?)

4. I eat my body weight in Fritos and hummus....still.

5. When left to my own devices I do things like cut my own hair. 
(only about 3 or 4 inches...fine 6) but it's hair.  Funny thing about hair... it grows back.

6. When I try to show restraint and not voice my thoughts/opinions it feels awkward and generally I end up opening my mouth a bit wider than intended... I like to call it "a spell".

7. I have "spells" a lot lately.

8. I have a strong sense of justice and injustice...right and wrong... it doesn't fit in this world so much anymore.  So... I just don't fit in.

9. I eat butter cream icing with pickles.  Daddy always told me when I was younger he would know when I was pregnant when I started eating normal.  So no worries, Pidg is a-okay and without any Pidglets sprouting.

10.  I'm quitting my job and becoming a goat farmer.  I tried to give them notice and all and for some strange reason people just keep laughing at me.  I think that's a challenge, like they think I can't do it or something.  My top boss had the nerve to tell me in his southern drawl... "But there's no money in goat farming" to which I promptly responded... "Do I look like a girl that needs money?"  He grinned.  Evidently that's a yes.  

Don't worry, I'll prove them all wrong.  (smirk)

Happy day.  Mine should start in about 1 Dr. Pepper.

Over and out,


  1. Umm, yep. Love you, love reading your blog. And your new hair cut looks gorgeous!

  2. lol. um, i ate more than a serving of cheetos last night and will again tonight! you're so cute! I just learned about you from Nay at Coffee-n-ink! :)


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