Thursday, October 3, 2013

A lil exhausted ...

I'm off today and can I just tell you I'm flippin' exhausted!  It used to bother me to know I had limits... (well honestly it still twinges a little) but admitting the above mentioned, I am a-okay.  Age?  Just stuff catching up?  I have no idea.  I took the weekend off per my two upper management because I was admittedly going down hill health wise.

Strangely, I rested.  

And here's some proof that I had to send to Nay that I was actually resting.  Yes, I'm always freezing so I am wearing my hoodie in the house.  The pidglets say I'm a thug... I'm cool wit dat yo.

And I do feel much better but I've spent the rest of the week trying to recover and get us back to where we need to be at work.  Fun stuff.  

So today, I thought I'd drop by and share a few "exhausted" family moments via text messages.  I only have a few out of a ton but they should brighten your day.  I've been collecting them as I remember... so that obviously translates to not many seeing as how we're relying on my memory.

This morning Moi told me she was texting her friend right before she went to bed.

Friend:  So, are you from Maryland?
Moi:  I used to go there about 9:30.
Friend: ?

She's so spent from Color guard practice, games competition then two Choir tryouts this week, seminary and good ole school... yah, she was tired.

Now here's one of my texts to Po that I've saved from Spring knowing it would need to make an appearance eventually... I really can't even tell you what I was going for.  Just a long day...

Here is one from me to Lil Red trying to make sure she and Busy were awake so I could pick them up in the morning from their dad's and take them to seminary.

Please understand I am waaaaaaay over due for an eye appointment and in the mornings my eyeballs are ridiculously impaired... to the point of I really can't read my own messages but I tell myself they're right.

Just so you know I was trying to say "You guys up?"  ... same same...

As you can see I recovered nicely...Yahhh... Sudsy a too?  I have know idea who she is either, but she needs to be up evidently. 

Can a person go from insomnia to narcolepsy?  I mean I come home and go into a coma lately... then ironically don't sleep through the night and wake up blind.  I'll be searching for a cure if you need me.

Happy almost weekend!