Thursday, September 5, 2013

Three pieces of advice...

So Nay is giving me all that "sap" about her day doesn't seem complete without reading my blog. Pshh... well, she's the only one.  Truth be told I've felt a lil boring lately.  Work is work, I've been attacked by allergies kids are kids and Po... he's still just as "Po" as he's ever been.  

Not really much to report.  Not really a description to make my every day mundane "stuffs" sound funny or ridiculous.  

She says do "Blogtember" with me.  Uhhhggg.... my Nay!  Why must you require so much effort from me when I'm attempting to sound uninterested when really I'm lazy?  


Today's prompt... "Pass on some useful information/advice you have learned"  

Fine, it didn't say those exact words but I'm again, too slothful to look back.


What always comes to mind is my full of wisdom and a few other things dear Mama.  We grew up with two phrases or pieces of steady, unwavering advice from Mom.

Save your money AND life is hard.

There done.  That's how I was raised.

Can the woman just become the President of the world or something?  I mean truly those are two of the most important guidelines I have ever come across.  And to think how blessed I was to have been brought up with those words of wisdom.

For how funny it is to Mama, she is dang right.  I mean "save your money".  Uhh... yahhh.  I mean does that really need explanation?  No.  But how many of us do it?  How many of us need to and needed to at a young age instead of learning the hard way when we're older and on our own where we can really mess up?

"Life is hard" Wow, that one brings tears to my eyes.  Oh how it would prick my irritation when I was a kid but oh how much fun it is to say to my children.  It is what it is peeps.

Life. Is. Hard.

It's better you know that straight out of the gate.  It's not hearts and flowers, it's hard.  But it's worth a lot of hard work to put all you've got into it.  I kind of like accomplishing each day and knowing I did it and it was hard.  In all seriousness, hard doesn't make room for excuses and I like that.   

The third piece of advice was from a Bishop of mine who quoted Clint Eastwood... "A man's gotta know his limitations"

In all of the super-mom, super-wife, cleaning, working, saving the day from dust, grime and whining... I have learned to say no.  I have learned (especially after last year) that I actually have limitations.  Something I really didn't see coming.  But that phrase has helped me in so many situations.  It doesn't mean quit or don't try or it's too hard.  It means know your capacity.  I got it.  

This message has been brought to you by Pidg of  I'm leaving now to go stuff more pumpkins.  I think I've reached my limitations of lame for the day.

Over and here's to one more day off!

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  1. Great, simple, and to the point! Excellent life advice that more people should take to heart! :)

  2. My day is fulfilled. Thank you. The end.
    Text ya later!

  3. ps: my post is awful...yours? Awesome. Wonderful. Pidgalicious at its finest. Duh.

  4. I wish my mom would've told me to save my money. Actually I wish she would've told me that credit cards are evil. If I didn't have credit cards, I'd have tons of money!

  5. My mom was always saying, "You've got to use self control!"


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