Thursday, September 12, 2013

Checking in...

I have recently come to terms with a few things.  Mostly "closure" on a subject that I've known the answer to for years.  It bites.  It does.  But it is... what it is.

Know what's funny?  (not really funny, I have no idea why I always say that) But I.Am.Okay.

I am.

Sure life hands you lemons, heck life hands you rotten lemons but I'm used to those.  I can drink water, forget the lemonade.

What I'm saying is.  I'm built of strong stock.  I'm blessed with endurance. I prefer being positive so that after a while I might even believe all of the hearts and flowers I'm throwing out to the wind.

I have beautiful (horrible) amazing and most importantly phenomenally strong off spring.  My babies are my purpose and giving them my physical, and mental body, if you will, has been the biggest blessing of my life.

I have a great job with people I love.

I have free therapy in keeping up with my shops... yay for therapy! (wink)

I have food, shelter and lots of caffeine.


I have future plans of betterment for those I love back.

Gratitude... living simply allows me to see the little things a bit brighter.

Things are changing again, in a big way.  And I'm okay.  Sure I have "those" days.  Sure I'll have a lot more.  But today, I am thankful, and humbled, and smiling.

Have a great rest of the day, I just wanted to check in with the blog to see if it was still working.  (snicker)

Over and out,

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