Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A bunch of nothin'

I can't really call myself a blogger anymore... considering I can't seem to find time to write... or clean or exercise or breathe.  You know all the usual things we lack time for.

I'm off today but not as celebratory as I would like.  I have inventory Friday and had to move my schedule around to make sure I'm there to prep, count and enjoy the wonder of my pidglets complaining they didn't get to see me when they got off the bus before they went to their dad's house.

While I'm trying oh so hard to make things for the cottage.  And... I have been somewhat successful it's still not listed yet.

Yesterday was pretty much an awful day.  I went to the doctor last week and did get a "much better" bill of health; however I am definitely slowly but surely sliding a bit backwards.  I've been sick but functioning for a week now.  

Here's the frustration in that... I'm not "sick" anymore.  I don't have C-diff anymore and I'm taking care of my Celiac and reluctantly (at times I near the bakery) staying off of gluten.  So, I should be done right?  No more of this stuff.  Well, it shows you what I know.  (wink)

I asked the doctor, "Is this just permanent now?  Am I just fragile now?"

Fragile... eww... I shudder at that word when linking it to myself.  Pshhh... I learned I have limits but this is not cool.  Of course she gave me the doctor answer, "Well, only time will tell.  You might very well be facing this for the rest of your life.  Or, it just might take a lot longer than you anticipated."

Really?  I had to pay for that too.  

As you can see I've been in a funk for a bit.  I'm mad at my body, mad at the Pidglets, mad at people who make GF products so dang expensive and mad at the last king size snickers bar I ate that I use to keep my weight up... because I ate it and it's gone.

But I'm happy with Fall who is on it's way, happy with the two awful dogs that are curled up at the bottom of my bed.  I'm pleased with the pumpkins and birds that are sitting on my desk and the pumpkin spice Scentsy that is permeating through the house.  

Oh, and I'm mad no one in this house likes chili because I really want it but only make in "vat" size.  Yes, I can freeze it but that's not the point, they should love it.

Well, now that we've gotten all of the important stuff out of the way I'll leave you with one more thing that makes me actually keep my children.

This morning I had to run Po to work at 5am.  I had woken up with a terrible brain ache so I went to lay down before I had to take the girls to seminary at 6am.  Lil man had wandered into my bed after I had run out so I climbed in and grabbed a small stuffed dog he offered me. He is always very concerned that I have something to snuggle with.  He keeps a stash of stuffed animals on my side table that I have to choose from each night.

Next comes Moi... she slips in from the kitchen and crawls in behind Lil man.  Then through my door I see Lil Red sleepily appear  She walks around and looks in from the kitchen door, "Awww man.... Lucky." she says, then quietly places herself at the bottom of the bed.  We haven't done this in a while and it was nice and quite and relaxing .... until Busy comes in and starts being the mom telling us we're all going to be late.  No doubt she was only irritated because there wasn't room for her; which has never stopped her before.  

I asked Lil Red to go get Ethan up, which she strangely - promptly did.  I hear her in the next room waking him up as if she was a news reporter.  After a minute he's giggling and I hear Lil Red, "Back to you Clint..."

Yes, they still fought to and from seminary but it was that earlier moment I chose to think about all day.

Over and Out... 

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  1. Such sweet times with the Pidglets - send them xo's for me...and an extra big one for you, sweet Pidgy:)


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