Sunday, August 25, 2013


I'm an optimist.  I am a definite realist.  (I've just discovered I can't spell anything in those two very short sentences)

I try oh so very hard to keep my chin up and smile like I don't know any better when things are gray or stormy or just plain full of crud.  

But you know what really chaps my hide?  (No, I don't normally say that but it seemed fitting and a lil silly)

When others around you still pout and punk and fuss about how bad things are, people are or how awful the world is.  

DUDE!  Do you not see me spreading sunshine?  Do ya think I'm not aware of the actual situation?  

Of course I am that's the realist part.  But the sunshine; that's the optimist.

I know, I know, "don't hang out with people that are negative".  

But what if that negative is someone close to you?  What if that gray cloud is someone you can't change or help or leave?  Whether by birth or marriage or just however family comes to you, I'm not one to turn my back.  

It's funny when I think of this situation I see it as a cartoon.  I see me with crazy hair throwing rays of sun against a glass window where the other is allowing lightning bolts to fall out of their pocket.  The window being the barrier between the two views.

I'm sick today.  I never get sick.  Allergies attacked.  I'm telling you one leaf falls off the tree and ragweed starts chasing me down.  But then I had to be in a cooler/freezer all day so I may as well have been barefoot in the rain. 

So I'm sick.  My bad.  I promised all I would watch myself when I went back to work and take care of my body so today, on my day off, I'm resting.  (And possibly ranting)  But I'm being good.  Weird right?

The only problem, I realize now, is when I slow down I have too much time to think.  So I'll stuff pumpkins instead.  

Irritating or not, I will continue to see the brighter side.  And if I find there isn't one I'll make one out of the lesser of two crappy situations.  With all of my faults, I'd rather be me than them.  (I'm way more entertaining wink)

I imagine the other will continue to spread rain.  So we'll keep this lil weather pattern of "rain-shine" and I will still find time to smell the wild flowers.  One day, maybe, being negative or pessimistic or just plain cranky will get old.

I have a lot to be grateful for.  (Tissue and warm drinks being top of the list right now)  I think I'll keep on keepin' on the way I am.  It suits me just fine.

Over and out,

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