Monday, August 12, 2013

Just checking in..

So... it's me you know Pidg.  Yah, I've fallen off the blogging map again.  It happens.

But guess why?  Well, this isn't really totally why, some of it was zero inspiration but lately it's because I went back to work!

Yup, I sure did.  I got a call from the store manager and he lured me back with my baby... the department that no one wants that I absolutely adore!  I said yes and am two weeks back and feeling pretty dang good so far.  Yay, my body has stopped rejecting me for the most part!

I have the best crew evah and we're pulling things back together and it's just been wondermous. Now home on the other hand; wow.  It's amazing what the pidglets can undo in one week that took me 5 months to do.  Messy house, chores and schedule out of whack but it's okay not because I'm forgiving and tolerant but because they go back to school in 2 weeks!  Patience has never been my virtue but seeing the horizon definitely is... giggle.

I have been documenting stuff though so I'll have some up coming posts of re-caps that I'll be posting once I find a minute to sit down (on my heating pad) soon.

I have a set schedule, school is coming back and things are looking up.  I just need to get aclimated again so as usual, give me time.  I'm slow ya know.  wink

We had dinner at Mama and Daddy's house today and Mama made gluten free fried chicken.  Yes, I was in heaven.  I haven't had gravy since mid-last year because I'm too lazy to make a batch from scratch for myself so when she made it today I am ashamed to tell you I ate it by the spoonful. I won't tell you however how many spoonfuls I ate but I will tell you that first part is a lie. I am NOT ashamed it was amazing!

I texted my Nay a lil today and she sent me a "good morning" video so I thought it brilliant to send her a "good afternoon" one back.  Of course ding dong over here who is super great (not) with anything electronic couldn't figure out how to turn the video off when I was done so she saw that too.  Stay classy Pidg.

Hey get this since I've started work my shops have picked up.. go figure.  I sold 7 birds this week and 3 of them custom.  I can do both...right?  The only thing I would hate is if my real life job didn't allow me to continue with my shops and so far I think it's going to work out so I'm really excited.

Well, I just wanted to say hey and tell you guys that I'll be back.  I always come back right?

I miss you guys to pieces!

Over and out

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  1. I saved that video by the way and CRACK UP every. single. time I see the end of it!
    Crying Laughing by the way....
    Love yous!


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