Friday, August 23, 2013

I was wondering...

Seriously, it's Friday.  I'm excited.  Really I have no idea why because I always work on the weekends so my "Friday" never really comes.  But I do love working and Friday means it's closer to Monday which is when my pidglets go back to school and I think we all know how I feel about that. (wink)

So I have zero direction in this post; strange, I know.  But I felt like sitting here and "scribbling" a few lines anyway.  I wonder what the attraction is to blogging?  I mean I've delved into why I blog and what it does for me but what is that drive you have that makes you sit in front of your keyboard and plug away at those lil squares even when you have nothing to say?  

I also was wondering why seat belts are enforced and yet it's still legal to sit in the bed of a pick-up truck.

Why is broccoli so delicious and yet every time I cook it the kitchen smells like fart?

Why is "every time" not one word?  I think it is... spell check just missed one I'm certain.

Why does everyone say they hate summer but don't want fall to come...because they know that winter follows and then spring (that only lasts about a week and half here) then it goes straight to summer... what season do they like?

So when I took the girls to get their nails done yesterday the boys and I headed over to the sports store just for kicks, then we went shopping for E to get a few new shirts.  Rue 21 always has clearance stuff so I thought I'd check out some stuff on the el-cheapo wracks for some work shirts for me since I trash everything.  I told Lil Man to look for anything dark blue.  He grabbed more shirts faster than I could blink and most were things I wouldn't let my daughters wear but they were dark blue and that was the point now wasn't it?  

He snatched up a sweater and held it up, "Mama!  This is blue!"
The look on my face must have clued him in as he took another gander at the crop top that wouldn't have covered him.  He looked almost shocked and yelled, "Ahh!  It's a belly shirt!" then sent it flying across the store.

Yes, I bribed him with candy and led him through the later part of the 15 minute shopping excursion with lil fake bottles of soda filled with fuzzy/funky treat-like nuggets of sugar.

In all of my woes about the pidglets being home for summer... I find myself sitting on my bed plugging away at this random lil post while 3 of them lay across my bed and Po's chair doing whateves and tossing out bits of quizzical conversation.  I will miss this.  I will miss it someday altogether when they sprout up and plant roots of their own.  Because of that, I will be sure to miss them on Monday when they leave for school.

Glutton for punishment, I know.  But I had these wonders of muck on purpose and I wouldn't change a thing about all that they have taught me.

Off to the weekend I guess.  I hope yours is wondermous.

Out and over and chasing my tail,

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