Thursday, August 22, 2013

Here's to school...

Whew... I think I'll just vent today.

Let's put it this way; work is a break for me.  Oh the kids.... I am so spent right now I'm worried that Monday is too late for school to start.  I'm thinking about buying myself flowers to celebrate the wonderful occasion of that blissful thing called school to start on the 26th.  Bad mom?  Pshhh...yah.  And I am sooooo okay with that title.

What I have done in 5 months of being home "healing" they have undone in the first week I went back to work.  My house is trashed, they fight like well, sisters...even the boys.  They think they all do "too much".  Which translates in reality to ... playing games or watching TV on their ipod or my computer.  

You do remember I don't have cable/tv right?  I chose that route because there was too much media in my house.  So they've gotten around it.  (I'm so slow.)  When they come home from their dad's tomorrow there will be hidden somewhere deep within the realm of my home computers, Nooks and the ipod will be confiscated at the door.  OH the evil that is Mom!  (insert evil laugh here)

Today I had one day off.  I call it one day off because my other day is Sunday which is church and family day which means more work that day than if I had gone into the job that actually pays me.  So back to my one day.... I picked them up from their dad's so the girls could get their nails done.  (they paid for it) picked up some school clothes for E, school supplies for all of them, more prescriptions than school supplies and a last minute top for Lil Red that she just "had to have".  

Bought them lunch in the middle of it all and while I was in line for the scripts turned to see one of my beloved heathens smack the other with a pillow.  I swiftly turned, crawled under the line thingy-do that Lil Man had earlier released to almost knock down the pole and gathered the 4 of them before me.  In my quite "I might take your life voice" I explained how they need to act and that I am not embarrassed if I have to go "crazy Mom" in my place of work.  With a calm breath I made them stand where I could see them and got back in line again.

Yes, the 4 I had with me are 9,12, 13 and 16.  The eldest two being the issue.  Did I mention I love being a mother?  Oh I do, I do.  It's right up there with plunging the toilet and clipping the dogs nails.  I love it....

Now, I have dropped the kids back off at their dad's, sent Po back to work after his lunch and I am sitting in a quiet home wishing I could just lay out on the bed.  But instead, I think I'll turn on the cinnamon Sentsy and make stuffed pumpkins for the shop.  Oh, that gets me giddy.  

Tomorrow when the varmints come home.  I'll be ready.  While, in all honesty, I do love those pidglets I understand the phrase "dog days of summer" actually came from a mom when her kids were out of school.  Because I feel just exactly like that right about now; a dog.  School is good.  Yes, I am actually grinning as I type this.  

Here's to all of the children getting somewhat educated!  Here's to that bright yellow vehicle-o-wonder that picks up the boys and the me that will be dropping off my 3 girls in high school to an early morning seminary class EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  before school.  Haha.... I love being a Mom.

Happy almost Monday!


  1. This is hilarious and girl I can relate to ALL OF IT!! My summer was horrific due to the hormonal stuff only girls can dish out. I love that school has started but for some reason, Shanee's tantrums have shifted to Koda and Hayden and I must tell you, I've had quite enough. My sanity can't take anymore. I think because Shanee has toned down her tantrums and is having an easier time in second grade than previous years, the other two are stepping up and showing what they are really made of. No more big sister stealing all of the attention of every.waking.moment.of.every.single.breathing.moment of our lives! It's Like they're all possessed. I feel you. I need to break out my crafting and get making new stuff. :)

    By the way, here's my new logo if you'd like to switch it out that'll be great! xo

  2. Happy almost Tuesday to me. Why it can't be Monday I don't know.


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