Sunday, August 25, 2013


I'm an optimist.  I am a definite realist.  (I've just discovered I can't spell anything in those two very short sentences)

I try oh so very hard to keep my chin up and smile like I don't know any better when things are gray or stormy or just plain full of crud.  

But you know what really chaps my hide?  (No, I don't normally say that but it seemed fitting and a lil silly)

When others around you still pout and punk and fuss about how bad things are, people are or how awful the world is.  

DUDE!  Do you not see me spreading sunshine?  Do ya think I'm not aware of the actual situation?  

Of course I am that's the realist part.  But the sunshine; that's the optimist.

I know, I know, "don't hang out with people that are negative".  

But what if that negative is someone close to you?  What if that gray cloud is someone you can't change or help or leave?  Whether by birth or marriage or just however family comes to you, I'm not one to turn my back.  

It's funny when I think of this situation I see it as a cartoon.  I see me with crazy hair throwing rays of sun against a glass window where the other is allowing lightning bolts to fall out of their pocket.  The window being the barrier between the two views.

I'm sick today.  I never get sick.  Allergies attacked.  I'm telling you one leaf falls off the tree and ragweed starts chasing me down.  But then I had to be in a cooler/freezer all day so I may as well have been barefoot in the rain. 

So I'm sick.  My bad.  I promised all I would watch myself when I went back to work and take care of my body so today, on my day off, I'm resting.  (And possibly ranting)  But I'm being good.  Weird right?

The only problem, I realize now, is when I slow down I have too much time to think.  So I'll stuff pumpkins instead.  

Irritating or not, I will continue to see the brighter side.  And if I find there isn't one I'll make one out of the lesser of two crappy situations.  With all of my faults, I'd rather be me than them.  (I'm way more entertaining wink)

I imagine the other will continue to spread rain.  So we'll keep this lil weather pattern of "rain-shine" and I will still find time to smell the wild flowers.  One day, maybe, being negative or pessimistic or just plain cranky will get old.

I have a lot to be grateful for.  (Tissue and warm drinks being top of the list right now)  I think I'll keep on keepin' on the way I am.  It suits me just fine.

Over and out,

Friday, August 23, 2013

I was wondering...

Seriously, it's Friday.  I'm excited.  Really I have no idea why because I always work on the weekends so my "Friday" never really comes.  But I do love working and Friday means it's closer to Monday which is when my pidglets go back to school and I think we all know how I feel about that. (wink)

So I have zero direction in this post; strange, I know.  But I felt like sitting here and "scribbling" a few lines anyway.  I wonder what the attraction is to blogging?  I mean I've delved into why I blog and what it does for me but what is that drive you have that makes you sit in front of your keyboard and plug away at those lil squares even when you have nothing to say?  

I also was wondering why seat belts are enforced and yet it's still legal to sit in the bed of a pick-up truck.

Why is broccoli so delicious and yet every time I cook it the kitchen smells like fart?

Why is "every time" not one word?  I think it is... spell check just missed one I'm certain.

Why does everyone say they hate summer but don't want fall to come...because they know that winter follows and then spring (that only lasts about a week and half here) then it goes straight to summer... what season do they like?

So when I took the girls to get their nails done yesterday the boys and I headed over to the sports store just for kicks, then we went shopping for E to get a few new shirts.  Rue 21 always has clearance stuff so I thought I'd check out some stuff on the el-cheapo wracks for some work shirts for me since I trash everything.  I told Lil Man to look for anything dark blue.  He grabbed more shirts faster than I could blink and most were things I wouldn't let my daughters wear but they were dark blue and that was the point now wasn't it?  

He snatched up a sweater and held it up, "Mama!  This is blue!"
The look on my face must have clued him in as he took another gander at the crop top that wouldn't have covered him.  He looked almost shocked and yelled, "Ahh!  It's a belly shirt!" then sent it flying across the store.

Yes, I bribed him with candy and led him through the later part of the 15 minute shopping excursion with lil fake bottles of soda filled with fuzzy/funky treat-like nuggets of sugar.

In all of my woes about the pidglets being home for summer... I find myself sitting on my bed plugging away at this random lil post while 3 of them lay across my bed and Po's chair doing whateves and tossing out bits of quizzical conversation.  I will miss this.  I will miss it someday altogether when they sprout up and plant roots of their own.  Because of that, I will be sure to miss them on Monday when they leave for school.

Glutton for punishment, I know.  But I had these wonders of muck on purpose and I wouldn't change a thing about all that they have taught me.

Off to the weekend I guess.  I hope yours is wondermous.

Out and over and chasing my tail,

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Here's to school...

Whew... I think I'll just vent today.

Let's put it this way; work is a break for me.  Oh the kids.... I am so spent right now I'm worried that Monday is too late for school to start.  I'm thinking about buying myself flowers to celebrate the wonderful occasion of that blissful thing called school to start on the 26th.  Bad mom?  Pshhh...yah.  And I am sooooo okay with that title.

What I have done in 5 months of being home "healing" they have undone in the first week I went back to work.  My house is trashed, they fight like well, sisters...even the boys.  They think they all do "too much".  Which translates in reality to ... playing games or watching TV on their ipod or my computer.  

You do remember I don't have cable/tv right?  I chose that route because there was too much media in my house.  So they've gotten around it.  (I'm so slow.)  When they come home from their dad's tomorrow there will be hidden somewhere deep within the realm of my home computers, Nooks and the ipod will be confiscated at the door.  OH the evil that is Mom!  (insert evil laugh here)

Today I had one day off.  I call it one day off because my other day is Sunday which is church and family day which means more work that day than if I had gone into the job that actually pays me.  So back to my one day.... I picked them up from their dad's so the girls could get their nails done.  (they paid for it) picked up some school clothes for E, school supplies for all of them, more prescriptions than school supplies and a last minute top for Lil Red that she just "had to have".  

Bought them lunch in the middle of it all and while I was in line for the scripts turned to see one of my beloved heathens smack the other with a pillow.  I swiftly turned, crawled under the line thingy-do that Lil Man had earlier released to almost knock down the pole and gathered the 4 of them before me.  In my quite "I might take your life voice" I explained how they need to act and that I am not embarrassed if I have to go "crazy Mom" in my place of work.  With a calm breath I made them stand where I could see them and got back in line again.

Yes, the 4 I had with me are 9,12, 13 and 16.  The eldest two being the issue.  Did I mention I love being a mother?  Oh I do, I do.  It's right up there with plunging the toilet and clipping the dogs nails.  I love it....

Now, I have dropped the kids back off at their dad's, sent Po back to work after his lunch and I am sitting in a quiet home wishing I could just lay out on the bed.  But instead, I think I'll turn on the cinnamon Sentsy and make stuffed pumpkins for the shop.  Oh, that gets me giddy.  

Tomorrow when the varmints come home.  I'll be ready.  While, in all honesty, I do love those pidglets I understand the phrase "dog days of summer" actually came from a mom when her kids were out of school.  Because I feel just exactly like that right about now; a dog.  School is good.  Yes, I am actually grinning as I type this.  

Here's to all of the children getting somewhat educated!  Here's to that bright yellow vehicle-o-wonder that picks up the boys and the me that will be dropping off my 3 girls in high school to an early morning seminary class EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  before school.  Haha.... I love being a Mom.

Happy almost Monday!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

What I've learned...

Do you ever put restrictions on yourself and then wonder why the heck you did that?

I do.  All.The.Time.

For instance I like to blog in the early morning or late at night.  Generally this is because the pidglets are not awake.  I like to do my thing with minimal interruption then publish, post my link on FB, Twitter and Instagram if I can figure it out again... which translates text Nay and say huh?

Well that's not convenient anymore after going back to work.  I'm just too busy sitting on my heating pad and falling slowly sideways until my face is crumpled up with three chins smothered on Po's side of the bed.

So... I don't blog.

That's stupid.  I mean I like to do things on my time but there just isn't a my time anymore.(Not since 1992 when my first daughter was born) 

So I'm just going to sit here and do it now.  Because then I've done it.

I do things like, not work on my seasonal line for The Cottage because I ground myself until my chores are done.  The chores my children are all old enough and capable enough to do.  But I'm frustrated and tired so I end up with arguing teenagers and a shop that's neglected when I should have just sat down and worked.  

I think about Friday funnies as I hear them throughout the week and tell myself I'll remember them.  Which we all know to be a lie; hence no Friday funnies.  I could  have just written them down.

I'm getting better at managing. Or starting over anyway. People have always asked me "how do you do it?" The oldest of 6 kids is getting married October 25th I still have 5 kids at home. I work full time and have 3 shops on Etsy.  My response has always been, "It's not graceful."

Wow... just wow.  Is that true.

I go to work now with my hair piled up on my head like a rats nest and smile like I don't know any better. I'm starting to allow myself those lil errors and just do the best that I can. Having lost control of what my body does or doesn't do has definitely given me a new perspective.

I can hear Lil Red hollering right now in my mind.. "yolo!"  You only live once.

Life is too short for grounding yourself.
There's never enough time and it will never "be all done."
I don't feel the need much to sweat the little things.
I enjoy the work I put into things even if there is not much appreciation in it.

I mean really, after I work all day on my feet, come home to a trashed house with the villans lying on the couch. I make a wonderful dinner and everyone leaves the table when they're done eating leaving me to do the dishes.. I am just thankful for the opportunity to serve.  HA! Lies. That still bugs the crud out of me.  

But the lil things I usually find time to brush off.

The other night my girls got into a rip roaring fight.  They don't happen often but when they do I usually let them ride it out.  Well, when Lil Red is sitting next to me taunting Moi on the end of the bed and then Moi bates Lil Red into insulting her again so of course she rises to the occasion... you get a small petite daughter-o-mine lunging across the bed landing on said taller child and me and the box of cereal I'm munching on goes flying.  It's simple math really.

Moi punches Red and Lil Red kicks her off as Moi goes flying backwards off the bed landing on the floor below Po and Busy stands up and yells "It's nice to be back home!" (she just got back from their cousins wedding in Washington state)

I disarm Lil Red in a headlock to get Moi out with her life but Lil Red is now bigger than me (thankfully I'm stronger) so I switch positions locking both of her arms behind her as she pushes my bed across the floor knocking over my unstable side table and Po just sits there bemused. (Poor Po)  Moi exits the room as I calm Red down and I get her some Motrin. Yah... that's the product of my gene pool.  They're Mama's girls.

While it sounds horrible it's kind of an annual thing, no worries.  We're all tired, cranky and broken.

Schedules change.
Life tips unevenly.
Sleep doesn't visit when it should.
Smiles creep back slowly and certainly.

My first instinct is always to place the problems of the world on myself but this time I didn't.  I'm a good mom.  I make mistakes; I'm very consistent. wink.  But we are who we are and we hopefully learn along the way.

What I've learned.  Do what I want/need to do when I have the time.  Girls need more space to breathe when tension is high.  A messy house can always be fixed...eventually.  And it's funny when Berry Berry Kix fly off your bedspread onto the hardwood floor in the middle of the night when you roll over.

I'll blog sporadically.  I'll post when I think about it.  I'll remove the listing I had taken out for selling my children in the classifieds.

I'm tired.  I'm happy.  I need more protein.


Over and out of random thoughts.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Two days in a row...

So lately I've been inconsistent to say the least on blogging so I'm just going to try and sneak lil snippets in when I get the chance.. like now.

This week it's been raining on and off.  The other day every time I went out on break or lunch or my last break it began pouring rain.  It was soaking through my pants big time and you could even see my Halloween socks through my pants.  Those good looking knee highs.  I threatened Po (because he forgot to grab the umbrella) that I would hurt him somethin' fierce if my bum got soaked and you could see my draws through my pants but thankfully (for him) it somehow missed that area.  Whew... needless to say I looked like a wet dog the rest of the day.

Today, I was the freight master!  I worked so much freight frozen and cooler and organized and it was great I told my Nay I felt like greatness today.  Then this, cute as a button, lil girl came over to where I was stocking and said something I didn't understand she looks at her mom and says, "Is her a lady?"

Bwahahahahaha!  The mom looked embarrassed and said, "Oh she's a toddler..."

I laughed and told the lil girl, "Its alright sweets I don't look much like a lady today."  Then I looked at the mom and said, "I have teenagers that still say silly things out loud so don't feel bad."

I told my Nay, "I guess greatness doesn't look that good on me."

Hanna had a cut on her finger and asked me for a band aid.  She sat next to me on the bed then said abruptly, "What?!  How did I?..."

I looked over and she had put the band aid on the wrong finger.  Yep, her mother's daughter...

I came into work this morning and proudly announced I was trying to cut back on my caffeine intake. I think the two women I work with looked leery now that I look back.  Everyone knows I use the caffeine stimulant as a "bring my down" tool so I don't have to be medicated for ADHD.  Needless to say Po brought me a coffee on break.  I think the girls were ready to poke my eyeballs out.

Now, I'm sitting on my heating pad, due to the "greatness" and thinking about what I get to do tomorrow.  I'm loving being back at work still.  I cooked a garlic roast overnight and all day and then made mashed potatoes from scratch and then Po, Moi and I quietly ate in the kitchen while the other lil thugs watched a movie.  A quiet dinner was the least we all deserved.  Yes, the rest of the pidglets are still mad at me.  (snicker)

I'll probably fall over any minute.

Loves and hugs over and out... don't let the bed bugs bite and all that jazz.

Oh and P.S.  Good morning!

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Just checking in..

So... it's me you know Pidg.  Yah, I've fallen off the blogging map again.  It happens.

But guess why?  Well, this isn't really totally why, some of it was zero inspiration but lately it's because I went back to work!

Yup, I sure did.  I got a call from the store manager and he lured me back with my baby... the department that no one wants that I absolutely adore!  I said yes and am two weeks back and feeling pretty dang good so far.  Yay, my body has stopped rejecting me for the most part!

I have the best crew evah and we're pulling things back together and it's just been wondermous. Now home on the other hand; wow.  It's amazing what the pidglets can undo in one week that took me 5 months to do.  Messy house, chores and schedule out of whack but it's okay not because I'm forgiving and tolerant but because they go back to school in 2 weeks!  Patience has never been my virtue but seeing the horizon definitely is... giggle.

I have been documenting stuff though so I'll have some up coming posts of re-caps that I'll be posting once I find a minute to sit down (on my heating pad) soon.

I have a set schedule, school is coming back and things are looking up.  I just need to get aclimated again so as usual, give me time.  I'm slow ya know.  wink

We had dinner at Mama and Daddy's house today and Mama made gluten free fried chicken.  Yes, I was in heaven.  I haven't had gravy since mid-last year because I'm too lazy to make a batch from scratch for myself so when she made it today I am ashamed to tell you I ate it by the spoonful. I won't tell you however how many spoonfuls I ate but I will tell you that first part is a lie. I am NOT ashamed it was amazing!

I texted my Nay a lil today and she sent me a "good morning" video so I thought it brilliant to send her a "good afternoon" one back.  Of course ding dong over here who is super great (not) with anything electronic couldn't figure out how to turn the video off when I was done so she saw that too.  Stay classy Pidg.

Hey get this since I've started work my shops have picked up.. go figure.  I sold 7 birds this week and 3 of them custom.  I can do both...right?  The only thing I would hate is if my real life job didn't allow me to continue with my shops and so far I think it's going to work out so I'm really excited.

Well, I just wanted to say hey and tell you guys that I'll be back.  I always come back right?

I miss you guys to pieces!

Over and out

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