Thursday, July 18, 2013

Just a quick hello...

Oh what to blog...what to blog.

Sometimes does your head feel so full you don't know where to start?  Well, yah, that's me everyday but lately it's really full.  Questions, doubts, wants for things you used to be... not failing, stop flailing, recapturing that you that was stronger.

The woman who did it all and did it well...not gracefully mind you; but she's never graded on appearance.

Things are in the works, plans are being made.  Life is turning that corner again.   I think it's alright though.

I did the lawn yesterday and it was soooo long because of all the rain we've had.  When it's long the only thing horrible is that I have to rake.  Raking is worse than the push mowing.  Raking is my ultimate loathe.

It tried to kill me.

It almost won.  I told the kids if they look outside and see me lying face down run quick with the water and splash it on my face.  If I don't respond... someone else needs to make dinner.


I find I am still a San Diego girl through and through... humidity... not for me.

So what else can I say randomly?  Oh, Nay and I are planning a trip to Hawaii.  It's not real of course but to us it is.  We thought it would be a nice place to meet for the first time.  We're really excited.  Now all we need is for one of us to get rich.  It's in the works.

Okay, just a quick check in to say hello and that I haven't forgotten you.  I'll be in the workshop today... got some jewelry plans and a new line for the Cottage to FINALLY introduce.  Wish me luck.

Over and out.

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  1. Hawaii here we come...don't forget that's just the first stop, though. If I'm finally going to be able to spend time with you, you know we're going to have to travel to each of the places on the list. Just sayin'.

    Nice surprise to see that you not so much...but maybe I'll throw something out there later.

    Love you. Miss you. But you already know that.

  2. Lol!! I just watched Streetcar Named Desire over the weekend when Blanche was really losing it she was "going on a cruise" but not really. I feel for you cutting the grass. I don't even like checking the mail. I send Christopher out to do it.

  3. Dang I think my comment got lost. I'm not thumbing that again - so hello back ;-)


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