Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Funnies...

Okay, these are a few funnies from weeks ago I collected before I fell into that "hole" of mine...

So Hanna had her friend over to spend the night and all of us girls were hanging out in the room talking gossip because we totally do that because everyone knows that's a rule to sleep overs and at one point I said Hanna did something and she responded with

"Hey, that's just Bull monag-alog-alee"

I would like to introduce you to my new favorite word.  Oh, I was dying... it just rolls right off your tongue!

Then I was taking Ethan to basketball camp and Hanna had been going with us to watch but this morning it was just me and E.  As we're driving he said, "Mom, can you drive like a grandma today?"

That's his way of saying he wants to spend more time with me.  Sweet boy, love that kid.

Now these are from this week.  The time frame really doesn't matter it's just some days I feel the need to include you in the moment by moment all important happenings.... yah.

I can hear the 3 girl pidglets in the kitchen talking as I'm in my craft room (not crafting)

Hanna:  "This is what you wear?"
Moi:  "Yah..."
Hanna:  "Okay... I'm going to have to let you use mine."  spoken in such a seriously worried and concerned tone.
Me:  "Moi, what's she talking about?"
Moi walks in to my room all serious, "I don't know.  She saw my mascara and took pity on me. It's a wonder my eyelashes look like Spongebob."

Busy was with me in the kitchen as I folded laundry.  Yes, that's where I fold laundry, right after I clean off the dried breakfast they've left on the table.  Moi and Hanna came in and were talking and somehow got onto the subject of sharing underwear (which I call 'draws' in this family)

Moi:  "I did all of my laundry yesterday and there wasn't one single pair of draws in my first load.  Turns out they were all in the second load."
Busy: "I hate it when someone else uses my draws... I used to always look at Hanna and I could tell she's wearing mine from the waistband."
Hanna:  "Hey, (laughter) I don't do that anymore."
Busy:  "Yah, and I'm glad.  I can't help it  - it's something about underwear.  I mean it doesn't matter how many times you wash it; it still has ghosts from the past."

Moi and I went thrifting on Thursday and I would love to tell you about our finds and I will but not just yet... there's a specific thing we were searching for and found it and were oh so excited.  But it's a to-prise so I can't tell you yet in case that someone reads this.  Anyway, there used to be this amazing vintage resale clothing store named "Two Chicks"  Loved it!  Well, they closed down and were replaced by another clothing resale shop that looks pretty neat but we haven't ventured there just yet.  As we passed the quaint little corner shop Moi says, "My friend Rachel loved Two Cheeks..."
I looked to her with a grin and pointed to my butt... "You mean these two cheeks?"

Ethan was playing on my phone yesterday and an email popped up.  "Linked in update."
Ethan:  "Hey mom, you have an email from Link N' Dingle."

Thanks son.

The missionaries came over for dinner on Wednesday and in our church they just go by Elder (last name) so we always play the guess my first name game because we're easily entertained.  We all get one guess then if no one gets it they have to give us their first initial.  So the first Elder says, "My first letter is J."
Well, for some reason we must have been particularly rusty at the game because with many hints and ridiculous guesses we were still stumped.  He then says, "It's a name in the scriptures."
Ethan snaps his fingers, "Hey, doesn't Lucifer start with a J?'
After the shock of my jaw dropping on how on earth Lucifer would start with J I wailed in laughter and said "Yes E, and his parents decided after all of the people in the scriptures they would name their son after SATAN!"

Then Lil Man yells out, "Yah Bubba, his name is Jusifer!"

Oh, my side still hurts from that.  Incidentally, they didn't name him after the adversary... good job mom and dad.  (wink)

Okay, that's all I've got for today.  With the kids home and out of school my work has suffered.. so has my sanity.  (snicker)  Truth be told it's been nice spending every second of the day together... I'm just more tired now than when I worked.  But the advantage is I have time to write down their funnies.  Being there when they create them is even more worth it.

Happy weekend friends.

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  1. Driving like a grandma and Lucifer starting wit a J....pretty funny stuff!!

  2. To live a day in your life with you and your ha ha.....I wouldn't be able to breathe. :)

  3. Hahaha I love that Logan realized before E that it would be Jucifer. Oh I miss them!

  4. Hahaha I love that Lo realized before E did that it would be Jucifer! Oh how I miss them!

  5. I know I already texted you about this post - but I'm stilling giggling over here:) Jucifer and the CHEEKS!
    kisses to the Pidglets:)


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