Monday, July 15, 2013

A glance down memory lane...

The other day I just started flooding with sweet and silly memories of the kids as we were growing up.  I remembered this time when we lived in Maryland.  I would always wake up between 2 and 3am and go out on my deck just to think for a bit.

Well this morning it was snowing.  The flakes were falling lightly and all of the deck and railings were covered in this blissfully white glittery perfectly piled snow.  Bailey happened to wander into the kitchen and I told her she had to come out and touch it.  She was about 14 at the time.  She looked to me sleepily and pointed out that she didn't have any shoes on.
"It's okay," I reassured her, "I'll give you a piggy back ride."
She grinned in knowing that she would have to pacify me or I wouldn't be able to let it go.  She hopped on my back and I slowly steadily moved towards the door which was only about 3 feet from the outside railing.

Now, me being me, incredibly smart and always thinking ahead didn't ponder the possible ice build up on the deck.  I took one step outside and we both wiped out on the ground onto the cold, icy deck.  Good times, me and Bai... good times.

Then I remembered when Ethan was about 3 years old I had pulled out a package of frozen hot dogs and placed them on the counter.  A minute later he was crying from the kitchen and as I ran in there he was holding his eye.  I pried his chunky, tubby Bubba hands from his face but he kept his eye squinted tightly closed.  I then attacked him further.

I questioned him on what happened... "Did you drop the hot dogs on your face Bubs?  Did you hurt your eye with the hot dogs?  Did you poke your eye?  Were you trying to grab the hot dogs and they slipped?  What happened Lil E?"....

I couldn't see anything but an hour later he was still holding it and not allowing me to near it.  I took him straight into the doctor.  On the way home after finding out his eye was alright and that he must have just scratched it and that an eye patch might help so he doesn't bother it further he was really frustrated with me and my prodding.

I decided to take him to 7-11 to grab a treat.  He was so mad at me for not letting it go.  I wanted/needed to know what happened.  He continued to slap me away when I tried to touch it and this normally sweet-tempered child would not stop yelling back at me when questioned.  So I stopped...kind of.

As we were leaving 7-11 with slurpee in hand I casually (or so I thought) looked over at him once he had lowered his hand.  He hollered back, "Keep your eyes on da wode!"

We still say it like that randomly when he's in the car.

Another time I was cleaning out the garage and Hanna got into a box of random clothing.  When she was younger she was the thinnest, lankiest thing you've ever seen.  I turned to see her wearing clunky shoes with crew socks, a bathing suit and tights over her head.  Before I could stop her she grabbed a plastic leg from a play table and began chasing a few boys down the street on their bikes.  I imagine those boys remember that as well to this day.  I need to find the pictures she posed so proudly in.  And the family pics we took where my beautiful Lil Red put flowers up her nose.  Perfect.

Then there was the time when Busy was maybe 6.  I used to hold craft workshops where others would pay a small fee and walk away with an awesome completed project they had assembled with kits I had put together.  Girl time and the kids would play it was quite fun really.  Well, I was showing one of my customer/friends my "new" at the time Sizzix die cut machine.  It had a lever you pulled down to press the die into the material and bam out pops a paper piecing or fabric or what have you.  So our lil girls, Busy and Molly were hanging out at the time.  They of course wanted to try it.  So I walked Molly through it and she cut out a darling little shape.  I walk Busy through it and somehow she gets the handle to gain enough tension to where the thing pops back and gives her a black eye.  She is so my daughter...what can I tell you.

My mind then traveled to the time Lil Man decided to pee across the room while yelling, "Dragon Fire!"  Or the first time Po watched Lil Man and Ethan while the girls and I ran out to find shirts and flip-flops for mine and Po's wedding.  He, like a good up and coming step-dad, put Lil Man in the tub and turned to see him pulling out a turd the size of Nebraska and placing it on the side of the tub.  He said it looked like a snake.

Ohmygosh, I love being a mom... I do.

Then I thought back and remembered lil Moi.  That child was born so differently than the others.  All of my pidglets have such different personalities and traits but as a whole you KNOW they're related.  I love the diversity and seeing pieces of my different personalities pop out at times.  She was a stubborn thing; still is.  When she was little she refused to say the word "Yes."  I would do all that I could think of but that child would not do it. I started to really wonder if she understood the words yes and no and questioned if she really just didn't grasp when to say yes.  Finally, one day I looked to her and said, "Mo, you want some icee cream?"
she looked to me smirked and said, "No" as she nodded her head yes.

Enough said...

Moi was also the silent instigator.  I kid you not when she was a baby she would grin every time Bailey would get in trouble.  One day we were driving down the road and I had the two girls in the back seat.  Bailey let out this excruciatingly loud scream and I looked in the rear view mirror just in time to see Moi pulling Bailey's hair.  Moi looked up with a handful of her sister's hair and said with an evil grin, "Hair..."

Oh, the joys of being a mother.  I love looking back at the silly, awful and ridiculously fun moments.  Thanks for taking a walk down memory lane.  I'm smiling again.

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  1. hahaha--when my family gets together, now that we're all half grown, these are the kind of stories we tell and look back on with laughter. It's fun to watch kids grow up, but you have to keep the stories of when they were irrational toddlers alive!

  2. Great way to keep the memories alive. The pidglets will love to read these:)


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