Tuesday, June 11, 2013

They Call Me Snow White...

When I started falling apart physically (like 15 years ago ha.) I realized nature and the birds, that are so large in numbers out here, calmed me down.  I began bird watching of sorts; just from my porch, or window or just strangely staring as I watched them flutter, hunt for worms or soar in the air perfectly catching the air current.

I wanted a bird feeder.   I got one.

Po said I should hang it under our huge tree out by the gardens.  Hello, miss the point much sweet man?  I’m not this generous lover of nature trying to feed the animals.  I want to look at them for my own benefit.  So I hung it on the front porch right outside my craft room window.

This bird, Harriet, is who inspired me to get the feeder.

But this is who came to visit first.
His name is Chico… he likes sunflower seeds.  At one point Chico’s friend Mango came in for a nibble then they both wandered back off to the wilderness.
Chico came back… was eating to his heart’s content and then he thought he heard something.
He was right.
This is my chipmunk, Jasper.  I say “my” because I feed him, personally.  He eats MY body weight in food.  He stores it in his lil chipmunk cheeks/shoulders and takes off with it.  I imagine once he gets through the stores he has stolen from the birds he will be the size of a small house cat.  I’m telling you, this lil thing can clean the place out in a matter of minutes.  And he does.
Look at those cheeky, cheekies….oh he’s so awful and precious, just like my pidglets.
Jasper is ridiculously fast you can barely see him trying to sneak up on Chico in the above picture.  Chico senses it you can tell.

After this lil back and forth goes on for like 45 minutes then the strangest thing happened.
A bird showed up in the bird feeder.  

Then there are the bunnies.  Strange fact about Po; winter, summer, spring or fall Po attracts bunnies.  I kid you not every time he goes outside, gets home, does the lawn, what have you; bunnies show up.  This lil phenomenon has been happening since we’ve been together.  Turns out he’s worn off on me, I now attract them too.
This is Chompers.  We’ve been watching him grow since he was itty bitty.  He’s now about 8 inches long; getting big.  He hangs out with his Mama from time to time though he usually ventures out by himself.  I'll be honest his hang out bunny could be a friend, or a dude for all I know.  But we'll call him Mama.
Hey, here’s Mama now!
Cute right?  They love photo ops.  They’ll come right up to the porch.  When we pull in they don’t even move when the car comes up.  
A lil note on Chompers he doesn’t eat salad stuff.  Just clover.  So I make sure to leave plenty off it…pshh.
So you think those bunnies are cute… check this lil discovery out.
But wait there’s more…

Here’s the best part, Moi petting one.  Wook how itty bitty he is…oh I want them so bad!  But I refrained and let them jump back into their wittle house of bamboo all safe and sound.

And just to redeem myself.  Remember the peacock, Sir Awesome Pants?  Well I found his lair.  I couldn’t get close up to this barn where there were like 6 of them because I was holding up traffic but here they are.  Real and alive; it made my day and probably calmed my doctor down.  (snicker)

I’ll be cleaning the home of the 7 dwarves and singing to woodland animals if you need me. 



  1. So when I read this over my morning cereal, I had an overwhelming urge to sing
    1) ♫♪The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Muuuuuusic♫♪
    2) the ♫♪aaaaaahhhh ah♫♪ of Snow White in Shrek...

    Love "Harriet", "Chompers" and friends, and the "Sir Awesome Pants"...the squirrel? not that much...chipmunk dude? SO Cool! Never seen one before...


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