Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunday Best...

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So, I have to be honest this is a painful post for me.  The majority of the reason is due to the fact that I can’t look at a camera and be serious to save my life.  Thank goodness I don’t have too. (wink)  This is the Sunday Best after church look.

So, it’s a beautiful day and I went out with Lil Red to do a mixed pic fashion post because she is doing a fashion post on her blog (eventually).  She was cute (as usual) eating that camera up and her mother, just strange and awkward.  So Busy took me back out and we took more maladroit pics and for whatever reason I was satisfied.  (smirk)

I’m a fan of the sun, when it’s not in my eyes.  I wish though it would make me tan.  Lil Red says we’re so tan we’re bleached.  I bet I would make my Irish ancestors look kissed by the sun.  (giggle)

Ut oh, she’s feeling it now.  I’m showing off my pirate moves.  Don’t be alarmed at how dangerous I might appear.

I’ll be honest, it had been almost 5 minutes.  And I'm sure you realize by now I have a very short attention span.  (grin)

This is how we show love in our family.  Truth be told, I didn’t know Busy snapped this one, but oh how great it is.  Family bonding at it’s best.

Shirt:  Rue 21
Tank: Walmart (as usual)
Jeans:  My daughter Moi (I’m too lazy to turn around and see where they’re from)
Rings: PidgApeg

Have a wondermous week!  I’ll be … well, it’s undecided as of yet but it will be epic, of that I’m sure.  (wink)

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  1. Honestly, I love your random fashion pictures. And I can tell that you and your family are having some fun out there!

  2. This post makes me happy...seeing you taking pics and getting out of your comfort it.


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