Saturday, June 8, 2013

School is out...

First official day of summer.  My boys are at my parent’s house, no doubt being angels.  The girls however, are with me.

This is an old picture, hence the smiling and the fact that Bailey is in it.

Since this morning, I have had to wake up 2 of the 3 - three times.  They made breakfast and trashed my kitchen.
Attempted to turn on games, read and lay across the recliner.
I have since put on my drill sergeant voice regarding chores.  I am the only one doing them however.
I am now back in the craft domain listening to them fight.

Again with the smiling proving it is not today’s photograph. 

Oh wait, Hanna just came into the living room slamming the door behind her:
“I’m not working with her… I’m not... I’M NOT… I’M. NOT!!!!”
As she opens the back door I tell her, “Well then do the lawn while you’re out there.”
(she didn’t laugh.  I however guffawed.)

Busy is now sitting across from me as I type this post.  Moi has joined standing next to her questioning where Hanna is.

Now, Hanna’s back, standing next to Moi flicking water to her.
I can’t keep up with the loud “conversation” they’re too fast. 
Hanna shouldered Moi.
Moi said calmly, “You have a paperclip in your hair.”
Hanna:  “I don’t care.”

I deeply love my children.

All is right with the world. 

Bring on summer.

I’m going to be drinking by the end of the season.  Does that help really?  Or maybe I should just nibble on rat poisoning.

Boys, come home and save your mother.

Over and laid out…



  1. Dear Pidglet Girls (minus Bai-Bai),
    Hi!!!! It's your Nay, the one who may live you as much as you momma. Si how's your Saturday going? Good? Oh, that's awesome. You cleaned?! Oh my gosh! And made her some GF goodies?! Wow! You pretended like it was Mother's Day?! Oh my word. Good job!
    Love, Nay
    Ps: those were not suggestions :) besos and hugs!!!!!!!

  2. Glad to see the "old" , young, beautiful Pidg back!! You have been missed!! Love ya!!!

  3. Lol!!! I always say I need a drink. Then self says, "What's that gonna do." Love the "not today" photos.

  4. Well, you have a lovely family, and as my Mom has often said when the seven of us were being as frustrating as can be, "It's a good thing you're all so cute!" Cuteness can make up for a lot! :P


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