Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Same Difference... Word of the day: Melancholy...

It’s Wednesday, which means “Same Difference” post with my Nay over at Coffee-n-ink.  We pick a theme, or thought or like today a word and give our individual takes on the stuffs that we (usually her because I can never think of anything) pick.

So without further long-winded explanations from me… Melancholy.

I woke this morning with a feeling of glum, sadness, melancholy.  I couldn’t put my finger on it.  I tried to shake it; began my day.  I took the dogs out, pinched off the yellow leaves from the garden due to the rain and more rain.  I did the dishes and wiped the counter.  (Still feeling it, that sinking feeling)  I cleaned the oven kissed each pidglets and sent them off to the bus… wait… the bus.

That beautiful bright and timely vehicle-O-fun that whisks my babies off to school each day… my thoughts go dark; then, it hit me.  It won’t be coming after this week.  The bus, school, education in a place that has left my home quiet during the daytime; abandoning me to my pidglets all day and night, left to fend for myself against the horrors of what could be explained as a small, self-created gang.

I’m skeert…

I shook the feeling and dusted, swept, folded laundry and continued another load.  I filled the bird feeder, checked email, began forget-me-nots for the cottage shop.  More laundry… snap out of it Pidg.  (snap)

This is the last week of school for my pidglets!  Do you understand what this means?  I will be home with them for the summer!  What?!  Me and the pidglets together again, all day … all day… wait.  Do you know what this means?

All of the chores I do in the morning (where the house stays clean) will be for naught.  They will destroy, desolate, and besmirch every effort I have put into this place; blown away like grains of sand in the dry, dry desert.

Melancholy?  Anyone?  Wait, no.  This is good stuff.  We will bond, and craft and play and argue and fight and bring back phrases like, “I’m bored!”

Melancholy she sits as her world turns to folly. No… nogood stuff

They will wake up each morning or afternoon for the girls - and sit across from me at my craft table and talk and giggle and push each other off the chairs and say, “That was my seat..” even though I have 5 additional chairs in this room that pull into a circle around me… melan…choly….working… oh the craft shops will surely suffer. Ut oh…

I suddenly feel a bit despondent… dismal… cold.  It’s so cold.

They say fear is not real.  They most certainly do not still have 5 children at home and one that calls from college daily.  Now, now Pidg.  Summer is a good thing.  I’ve been told that by the kids.  Oh…

Wait just a second here.  I am alpha dog in this kennel.  I will keep them on the summer schedule just like I used to.  I will task them out and whip out the chore jars/charts again.  I will take control.  I will manage my time and their energy and my energy and their adrenaline and food intake.  Oh the groceries.  I have to shop and meal plan and make and serve or they will destroy the kitchen; my holy room, my sacred place of food making.

Melancholy, no that is not the word.  While it is one of my favorites it certainly does not describe summer with the pidglets.  My heart feels heavy, fear… they can take me.  I am after all sorely out numbered.

Stay strong Pidg, stay strong.  But they will use all of my toilet paper and bread and leave dishes around the house when they’re not supposed to eat out of the kitchen.  Diabetic test strips will liter the ground the entire day instead of just the evening when Busy comes home.  Lil Red will steal my iPod charger for her own use since she somehow strategically (accidentally) placed my last charger in my paintbrush water.  The games, loud and besides that… loud.

No, don’t let it get you Pidg, you can turn the tables.  You will make each meal just like you used to so they don’t touch your kitchen.  You will wake them up early and make them exercise while you talk about exercising with them.  You can do this it’s SUMMER!  Summer… S  U  M  M  E   R… (I might vomit)

There is no need to feel melancholy Pidg, just ground them for the summer.  There’s always that option.  I think it’s a good time to bring back time out oh and nap time.  No?

We can have a bonfire (of the clothes I fold and they don’t put away) Hand out toilet paper rations.  Send them on scavenger hunts of things and clues you didn’t really hide.  Trips to the library (for self-help books). 

I will prevail.  I can do this! 

I am woman…
I am mother…
I am in invincible…
I am scared out of my britches…

Prayers are needed… big ones…

Over and out.. and next week hiding under the table.


Writing it up Melancholy style with my blog BFF Nay from 

Go check out her post; I'm on my way!


  1. I keep feeling like I am wasting my time this week not enjoying it. Monday is the last day of school. You may never here from me again until the end of August. My plan is to let him stay up late, I'll still get up at normal time and have some quiet time. Let the fun begin - eh em in a couple months.

    Soooooo, here's a headstart to give us both a headache. "What's for breakfast mom?"

  2. yes, you will prevail! even if it means checking out for a few hours to regain your sanity! and if all else fails...send them to summer school! ha!

  3. I like the way Chandra thinks...isn't there a summer school or summer program over there? Doesn't the city understand that summers are for mommas too!!! Yeah, mine didn't either. SO we rallied the city last year and got a summer program started...'cause you know what, I work and can't take the summer off...and the SAHMs need breaks!!!
    I may need to send letters to Pidglets R Us that Auntie Nays will reward all pidglets, who are nice to the Momma and help out all summet, at the end of the summer somehow...I'll think of something! way of parenting!
    Loves you...this post...but mostly YOU and your thought process...LOVEEEEEE

  4. You can do it!


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