Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Same Difference... What to do when you don't know what to blog about...

It's Wednesday, "Same Difference" Day with Nay over at Coffee-n-ink.  Same idea, two different posts.  I will start off by saying with confidence, her post will be better and no, you will not hurt my feelings if you cut to the chase and click on her link now.  That will be your only warning.

I'm button-less today because I "still" haven't put Word or pictures on this computer.  Procrastinating at it's finest. In the spirit of this post I felt furthering my lack of proficiency would really drive home the point.  Being unprepared has it's requirements.

What to do when you don't know what to blog about:

First and foremost create a long title so that your readers are immediately distracted with what you may or may not be writing about.  When a long title is involved it allows your readers to get bored instantly so that their expectations are low and don't expect much from your post.

Pretend to clean your house.  I wouldn't go as far as to say clean your house because that would be over and above and no one likes an over-achiever, especially when they're procrastinating.

Read a box of kid's cereal.  Often there are mazes or word searches allowing you to find new words to inspire your writing.  Crunchy, honey, nutty, Cap'n are always good idea starters for posting on things no one  but you might care about.

Annoy your children.  When you're doing something fun it always inspires new ideas and creates a bond with your readers as they listen to your daily routines.  If you have older children; as you frustrate them you might just get lucky enough to come out with some seriously funny phrases.

Text your best blogging BFF.  Don't be afraid to ask for help.  She will generally laugh at your folly while expressing her own writer's block.  It's good to conspire together on ideas that would worry or bore your readers all the while fostering a bond with said BFF.  It's always good to seek advice from another close individual who will justify your procrastination and lack of creativity.  After all two is better than one.

Eat chocolate.  This helps nothing as far as creative writing goes; however, it tastes really good and will generally make you feel better about your decision to not do what is intended.

Read other inspiring blogs so that you might fill your time with reading, furthering the lack of cleverness you have yet allowing you to feel justified in your stand-still.  After all, why blog when other's are blogging better?  Then follow with drinking something carbonated.  I go with Dr. Pepper, as it hits the ole blood stream life just looks a  little better.

Ask your husband or significant other what your should post about.  Generally they will stare at you strangely with some type of supportive, "I don't know." response.  This always allows a pick me up to the blogger in knowing that they never have ideas.  You just happened to be out of them. It's always easier to feel better about yourself when another's lack of resourcefulness is larger than your own.

Then when all else fails, write a vapid, flavorless post to say that you blogged.  It will justify the need to write and allow you to go on with your daily routine.  It will give you something to strive for, such as making the next post a little better.  (Although not in this case since yesterday's post was just as bad)

Last but not least it's always safe to put off your post until 4:30am the day it is "due".  When others know you're blogging that early in the morning they automatically set their expectations a bit lower.  It's a win, win situation.

I would like to point out that this might be a good time to go visit Nay over at Coffee-n-ink.  I imagine she might have a real post with real ideas and I'm just about done embarrassing myself... until tomorrow.

I'll be eating chocolate if anyone needs me.

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  1. Hey now, rockstar!!! You blogged today! You did it - woo to the hoo, dawg!
    Yes, that's me cheerleading you on!

    And even though, we don't have a button this week, I think we're the only ones who will notice! :D forgot about the CASHEWS!!!!

  2. I visited Nay first. And I noticed that there was no picture ;-) P.S. I never ask the hubs for his lack of opinion.

  3. When I don't know what to blog about, I always ask my husband for ideas. And, invariably, he answers, "Sex."

    Singularly unhelpful, almost as unhelpful as "I don't know," but slightly funnier.


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