Thursday, June 20, 2013

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Today Busy headed out to beehive camp.  It's a church camp with the 12 and 13 year old girls.  My mom went with her because she's one of the young women's leaders.

They were so cute.  Mama bought them matching hats and PJ's because she's just so cute like that.  On the way Busy and I were texting back and forth teaching Mama Jode about Busy's glucagon (an emergency shot you have to give Busy in the case of a Diabetic reaction that she's not breathing or unconscious  Basically a shot she won't be able to administer to herself)

Busy was texting me saying, "Okay, I told MMJ how to do it and when to use it and what the signs are and she repeated everything back to me."

Oh what a lil grown up that Busy is.  I love that they're getting to share this time together.  I remember when my Mama and I went back when I was in youth.  Most girls were like, ughh my mom is here and I was like...  HEY! MY MOM IS HERE!!!! YAY!

It got me to thinking when I was texting Nay this morning how great it would be if she and I could go to camp together.  But our camp would be on a ranch, with a lake, without mosquitoes, with an air conditioned lodge... you know those camps.  (wink)

Don't worry Nay, I'll get the matching PJs and hats!

I'm creepily sitting in my dark bedroom because Po is still sleeping. He doesn't have to work until 11am today and he's been workin a 5am-2pm shift all week.  In the most simple terms: Po is NOT a morning person.  He's been like a lil zombie this week.

I was dying the other night.  I was playing Minecraft on my PC and he was playing on his Xbox and he went into this other world and died and lost everything.  Our strategies our different and I wouldn't have done it the way he did, therefore, I would not have lost everything because I am a hoarder on games like this and would not have risked loosing all of my stuff but that's neither here nor there...  So he died.

Oh my gosh, that man was so mad.  He was throwing this lil boy fit.  I was texting Nay at the time and totally received the "bad wife" award because I was giving her the play-by-play of what he was doing and saying because it was so hilarious.

I finally looked at him and spoke in my Mom voice, "I think it's time for you to go to bed."

And he promptly did, without words.  It's funny to me how much sleep he needs and how little I do.  I think it's so I can always be up for these moments of "all" of my children when they're in need of a "go to bed" order.

Okay, Moi and her friend are sleeping, the dogs have been out (almost pulling me off the porch because of a bunny) the other kids are at their dad's and so far all is okay with the world.

Not much to say, just thought I'd babble a lil and tell you guys to have a great Thursday, not Friday mind you.

I'll be honest, I'll probably be digging out a mine on my game until Po wakes up and I can turn on the lights.  Poor me... (giggle)

Over and out,
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  1. I love reading, "texting Nay" on your's like I'm right there. Well, I kinda was...laughing my butt off with the fit Po was having. Bah-hahahaha


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