Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I've got nothin'...

I do not want to blog today said little lazy Pidg McKae...

Oh, what is happening?  My blogging with scheduled (I'm ahead of the game) posts has now turned into....

Do you hear the crickets?  Oh just me?  hmmm

I cannot for the life of me think of a thing I want or much less need to say.  pshhh

So last week computer problems...out of my league.  Then I got sick...then became addicted to the game Minecraft which only fostered my lack of sleep with giving me something to do other than attempt to sleep which is worse than being up because my mind is more frustrated with the act of lying in bed pretending to be something I'm not... which is "asleep".

I've wanted to email.  Then talked myself out of it.
I've wanted to blog then responded promptly to myself with, "nahhh..."
I've wanted to cook.  No, not really, just trickin' so I didn't.
I wanted to clean.  Then walked away from the mess(es).

Who am I becoming?  Who is this unmotivated Pidg?  Ideas?  Anyone?  What do you post about when the world seems so lacking luster to talk about?  Fine, I'm lazy.  But still, what do you do?

I tried to get inspiration from my Nay who is feeling the same thing.  What?!  No, we can't have the same blah blog feelings at the same time... who will nurture the love of writing?  This is bad, this is very bad.

Maybe I should take some out of focus pics that might give me something to write about.

Or possibly, eat some Fritos and hummus; that seems to always pull me out of a slump.  Of course, so does chocolate.

I say I'm going to craft then I find myself not crafting.  This is beyond Procrastinating Pidg.  This is "You can't make me Pidg" or "Not Feelin' it Pidg".

Okay, I'm going back to the drawing board.  (Most likely to make a chore chart for my still sleeping

If you have an idea comment.  Me?  Asking for comments?  Oh, please just please don't let "Boring Pidg" be on her way back.  We don't get along she' much too, well... boring.

This post was not worth publishing.  I know, but I will push the button regardless.  I mean really did you expect anything less?

I'll go and wake up the pidglets, they'll be irritated and that always makes me smile.

Over and out and beyond the inspiration of anything.

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  1. It's hard to think with 200 people at home. By that I mean three :-/

    P.S I can read your font! I'm on my phone but it looks different.

  2. Hey love -
    zzzzzzzzzzzz...um, huh? what? I'm awake, I promise. I have a whole lot of ideas about what YOU should write...me, not so much. Hey, that's an idea!
    I'll email you all of my Pidgalicious idea posts and you can too. Sounds like homework. hmmm...

  3. There is no world I want to be in where Pidg has nothing to write. I think you should take a "trip" to Montana and "THE ranch" and let me know how Sven is doing. And then I'm going to need some fresh "who's hair is it" pics. :)


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