Thursday, June 6, 2013


Since I’ve been home and begun to blog again… hehe... begun… doesn’t that sound like I made it up?  (puts on redneck accent) “Well dagnabbit fella das a be-gun ya gots der…”

I’m sorry.  I’m done.  I just wanted to say that I’ve been fairly, slightly, nearly efficient in the blog department.  Well, mostly efficiently deficient but it’s whatevs… (yes, I realize I’m too old to use that word.  But it is done.)

I don’t have a post for today.  I don’t have an idea.  Well, I’m lying again.  I do that.  But I didn’t like what I was thinking I would write for today; therefore, no post.  (sits quietly for 2.33 seconds watching her cursor have a small seizure.)  Hmm… that might have been my eye twitch whatevs… (did you see that again?)

Bear with me as I create a post.  Well, the kids are done with seminary for the year so I get to sleep in until 6am.  That’s just an option. My body however, still mocks my sleep-in option while angrily propelling my eyelids wide and not so bright around 5am.  I’m sitting at the computer with no children because their sleep-in clock actually works… for days at a time as a matter of fact.  I took out the dogs so they aren’t even hot-breath-ing on me.  (Not to be mistaken with hot-breathing)  and Po, of course, is getting his beauty rest.  I really believe that must be the trick with him. 

Po = sleep                                                    Pidg = zero sleep 
Po = handsome and young looking for his age          Pidg = the crypt keeper

Did I mention I had no post for today?  I might should have stayed the slow and steady course of that idea. 

Pidg =  no post              Pidg = random no one is interested rambling blechh

I’ll be honest; I can’t seem to stop myself.   No, no caffeine just yet.  Sorry guys.  You know it would be really difficult to function as an adult if I had ADHD.  Wait, what?!  Nevermind…

I will finish this fine specimen of profoundness with these thoughts that occurred to me while insomnia kept me company last night.  Yes, we are great friends.  We go waaaaay back and have spent most nights together chatting since early childhood. 

Pidg = insomnia             Insomnia = Pidg             =  InsomniPidg
(Must get a new cape)

I’m addicted to that for some reason; lack of caffeine?  Possibly.
Here goes:  My thoughts from last night.  Earth shattering, mind boggling, vomit inducing… get ready.

Sometimes I think my laptop screen is a touch screen like my phone. I try to clean a spot off super carefully so I don’t push a button on the monitor.  Wow…

I also believe the more I mow the grass the less it will grow.  Shaving my legs goes the same as well.

I believe that if I sneakily go into the neighbor’s driveway across the street and leave a trail of chicken feed all the way to my house the peacock AKA Sir Awesome Pants, will come back and hang out in my birdfeeder like all of the other woodland animals I name.

I think sometimes if I put my face on just before the kids or Po come home they won’t realize I was running around without make-up all day looking like an escapee from rehab.  The same goes for making the bed (I was not last to get out of) right before he gets home.  I’m slick and always efficient, remember that.

The more I sing along with Adele, the more I sound like her… and then someone else comes in the room.  They just don’t appreciate interpretation. 

I feel that if I think as hard as I do during the day (and night) I will surely burn calories from the exercise of my brainpower.  I think it’s working.

Is it too early to start listening to Christmas music if I’m working on Christmas crafts for the shop?  Answer wisely, I love Christmas music.

When you wake up your spouse to ask if they’re sleeping because you’re lonely and want to talk; is that ALWAYS a bad thing?  I didn’t.  I wanted to.  He sleeps pretty.

There is more; I won’t go on.  Nay is probably huffing right now.  The end.

Over and out,



  1. I wish the shaving legs thing were true!! And I could listen to Christmas music any time. I almost put a Christmas cd in the the car the other day while we were driving but I knew the husband would scold me.

  2. Hi love-
    So now I know why at 1:40-ish this morning I jolted up, looked at the alarm clock, smiled, and went back to sleep. You were awake. Yeah, thanks for that. Yes, you rambled like there's no tomorrow (is that expression stillused?) byt it's you.

  3. uhhmmm. I love you. The end.

  4. I just find it strange why you think you are the only one to do and think these things. These are everyday occurrences for me. I get yelled at for putting fingerprints on the laptop everyday,(you'd think I would learn). Then again I don't sleep well either but I SO understand all of this, don't know what that says for me but I hope you feel better.


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