Monday, June 3, 2013

Growing Old Gears Style...

I think we all agree I have a very good grasp on reality.  Well, I think I do.  My perspective is that of a normal, not always well-rounded world that is based on actuality.  I realize that all things are not fair or equal nor are individuals built of the same stock.  I understand the cruel irony life serves up and take it all with a grain of salt.

With that being said this is how I see myself. I go by Anya.

I’ve mentioned several times that I am a huge fan of Gears of War 3.  Not so much the Gears 4: Judgment - because the game itself seemed like just an add on and they made a huge mistake in taking my boyfriend Marcus out of it and replacing him as the main character with Baird who is a dorkwad.  I would have been okay following Dom even but a prequel with Baird - I wouldn’t have gone that route; not with Baird being the main character anyway.

I also realize you out in my world of blogging probably don’t know or care what or who I’m talking about I'm okay with back to my reality.

This is my husband Po. (My boyfriend Marcus)

I find myself to be armed and ready for battle at all times.  I also look amazing while suited up; that's important to know as well.  My husband and I are ridiculously fit and built to handle any obstacle that might stand in our way (Strangely without working out)  No one would want to mess with me or my aim considering I am defending what is left of man-kind.

You really never can be too careful seeing as how an alien attack is ever possible.  The signs are there.  You might just not be paying attention. 

There might be a reason I am a writer; a reason I live in the books I create.  I have more potential in them.  

I also strangely loved the story line of this in particular game.  I wish I could be the one to write the book it was so fantastic.
(I also realize I'm a nerd more than usual at this very moment)

Us after a hard days work.  We're taking the team out for tacos if you're interested.

Now here I am later in life.  

Now I go by Bernie and I’m just as cool and fearless as before.

And my husband Po, who goes by Barrick.  I still find him attractive and almost as tough as me.

Don’t think for one moment that we would have lost an ounce of that durability.  It’s uncanny really that Po is bald and we have discussed several times how quickly my hair can go into dreadlocks if I wanted it.  The deciding factor is that I would only have dreads if I was blonde but now I’m too old to be blonde.  Grey, though, I don’t know it’s pretty kickin’ if you ask me.  You probably won't be asking me huh?

Seriously though, yah because this was a serious post... (cricket... cricket)  I don't really have a problem with aging.  I mean yah, I look in the mirror and get a little irritated but as of now I'm cool with it.  I just think it's a little funny to point out all that is sagging, wrinkling and the what was once solid now that is mush side of it.  Especially if I tell myself I'm aging into Bernie.

See with age comes a more adept sense of humor.  (Trust me, there's a reason for this)  

I know I’m probably the only psycho-nut-job that would admit to this alter-ego I know is me but really come on… we all do it.  Right?  I mean whether you’re some kick-butt athlete or gorgeous model I know we do it.  Right? 

Okay fine, maybe it is just me but to my defense if ever called up to defend the world I could do it... and more importantly I would.  I would just be a lot sweatier (than full grown men) and run a lil slower (than small children) 

But the above mentioned were based on true stories, I’m sure.  No Mary Poppins here I assure you.

No, I haven’t had any caffeine today.  Fine, I’ll go get some.  Just so we’re clear, focusing and having an attention span isn’t always good.  It’s boring and I don’t wear suits of armor and … okay, I’m going… to play Gears 3 … or do laundry…

Over and out.

Pidg Bernie


  1. 1. You're such a good writer, you can write about video games and you keep me intrigued.
    2. Why do I feel like I'd be the computrr nerd back at headquarters warning you about possible threats?
    3. For some reason, I have a feeling you'd be awesome in grey dreads.

  2. I love this and I am thinking of an alter ego for myself right now. Maybe Magic Mom. I don't know where that came from, but it was the first thing that popped into my head!

  3. I haven't played Gears yet ( I know, I know) I am so behind on my gaming list its insane. We're big ME fans over here.


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