Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Funnies... not really

A quick recap on all that is important.  Fine, all that I feel like blubbering about because no one else is awake to listen to me.

I've been having computer problems like ridiculous and I haven't been online and have been sorely behind checking email on my phone because I'm easily discombobulated.

Thank goodness I had those two posts scheduled or I wouldn't have blogged all week.  (Oh the horror... and delight right?)  

First things first, what the heck happened to my font?  Holy cow I can't read the thing.  I promise to you this was not/ is not intentional.  I don't have word on the computer I'm using right now (refer to lazy) so I'm typing this one straight in blogger and I hope it's better.  I am not joining the ranks of tiny font.  I'm old.  remember this.  (wink)

On to Friday funnies.  I don't have many collected and the ones I did they are on my other computer and then I lost it.  Life is cruel in the posting world right now.  But I do have this lil convo between me and Po last night.

We don't often get into those morbid lil conversations because he thinks they're creepy even though I'm smiling... whatevs.  

So, I was telling him how I think I have brain damage.  (For reals go with me on this one)  I refer back to when that chick at work hit me in the head with a metal cart (that most people would have been rendered unconscious from) I think perhaps that had to do with my breakdown of all that made sense and that maybe, MAYBE... I am actually in a coma and I am dreaming up my life but  Po can't tell me because I'm talking to him in my dream but really he's sitting by my lifeless body in a hospital bed... with me?!  

Which led me to...

"Ohh...Po, are you a plug puller?"
Po:  "huh?"
Me:  "You know if something happened and I was on life support would you pull the plug on me?"  (should have had this discussion before marriage)
Po:  shakes his head, "No.  I couldn't do it."

Well this of course just spurred me on.  

Me:  "But what if I was a vegetable, brain dead and there was no return.  Would you then pull the plug?"

Po: "No."

Me: "My mom would pull the plug."

Po: "Probably."

(hysterical laughter)

Me:  "But you couldn't go on living your life because you were married to a girl in a comma."

Po:  "I would be just fine."

Me:  "At home?  While I'm lifeless in a hospital room - for the rest of my lifeless life?"

Po:  "I'd bring you home."

Me:  "You can't do that."

Po:  "Yes I can."

Me:  "That's depressing.  You'd live your life and raise my children around me lying in a bed doing (enter my interpretation of a breathing slash beeping hospital machine) the kids could never talk to me just see me lying there and you would just, what, play your games with me chillin' on life support on the bed?"

Po:  stares blankly at me as I look back...


Me:  "Well, you wouldn't have to make a decision anyways."

Po:  "Why?"

Me:  "Hanna would probably end up pulling my plug anyway to plug in her iPod charger."

Po:  "True."

Sad little truths we learn about our families huh?  Oh, Hanna... love that kid.  

Okay, I'm off to figure out what is wrong with my font size and why I'm so lame with computers and why out of the 8 keys that stopped working on my keyboard one had to be the "P" button.

PidgApeg... really?  P, why must you betray me?

Lots a loves and self-diagnosis (wink)  Have a great weekend!

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Ughh... why is nothing working?  sheesh...


  1. Whew, I thought it was me. But then I did realize I was only going to grab my glasses to read your post. Fix it mama! I'll be back. It is easier to read from my phone believe it or not. ;-)

  2. Computer problems are the worst. Especially when there is no one around to fix them instantly for you.
    And that's quite a conversation. Not so funny, I know for a fact that my husband would totally pull the plug for anyone he loved--heavily influenced, I think, by all the patients he's had whose families insist on keeping them going and going when all hope is lost.


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