Monday, June 24, 2013


Once again not much to say.  Friday funnies didn't have enough to stand on it's own.  It was more Friday than funnies so I held off until this week.

Last night Busy and I were on our way home at dusk and you could see the fireflies lighting up the trees, the ditch, the driveways as we drove down our country-esk road.  As soon as we got inside the boys were on it.  They had seen them too, jumping out like little torches on the yard and edge of the woods that boarder our homestead.

So of course my 3 youngest pidglets asked, "Can we go catch 'em?"

I loaded them up, each with a mason jar with the deal being we release them before the night gets late.  I listened on the front porch as their (not so quiet) voices echoed through the woods and they coached each other on the lightening bug's locations; the dark closing in.

A few minutes later the moon had laid it's claim on the night's sky and my 9, 12 and 13 year old pidglets were gathered around the kitchen table hollering for me to come admire their bounty.  We turned off the lights in the kitchen and giggled around the table as the fluorescent bugs flashed and glittered the dark room.  A bit after that they were once again releasing them back to their natural habitat; the humid night air.

It's times like this when I love to watch my babies.  It's times like this when I realize we're not growing too fast.  I love to watch them still appreciate the small things, let go of the worries of the world and simplify; enjoying the grand luxury of beauty Heavenly Father has created for us.

Fireflies; easily one of the best memories of any one's southern childhood days... right along side with honeysuckles and playing outside until 9pm on a sticky Summer night.

I love ... I just love.  Today as they ramble and rumble through this house I will still be grinning at the light-less kitchen as lightening bugs sprinkled their fluttering lights from hand held jars - reminding me in this life; we are right where we need to be.

Have a wonderful week.

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  1. I love seeing children (and adults, too!) geniunely enjoying creation and the simple, old-fashioned, pleasures of life. My husband tends to be a bit of a cynic, so sometimes I enjoy being around people not so like him, who aren't yet cynical about life!

  2. I love how you say that you don't have much to say and then come up with these be-YOU-tiful words. I've always wanted to catch fireflies...another thing to put on the list when we live on the ranch...

  3. Love this as fireflies were a part of my childhood too! Such sweet memories your children will have just enjoying simple times that aren't clouded by cell phones + video games! Hope the summer is treatin' you nicely;)

  4. Beautiful words. xo Makes me wish we lived in the country with fireflies! Enjoy the simplicity and their sweet childhood. xoxo


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